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Batsheva Dancers Create Online 2020

Updated: May 14, 2020

Hi there!

Each season since its inception, dancers from both the Batsheva Dancer Company and the Young Ensemble have had a chance to present new creations in a self-produced performance. This year, in light of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak, the dancers have rallied together to share their work online by initiating the first-ever digitized platform of Batsheva Dancers Create. In this year’s digital edition, 28 dancers and creators will present works from a large range of disciplines: film, durational live performance, photography, text, interview, interactive performance, and more. Each day new content will be uploaded to the digital platform including several exclusive world premieres that will be presented throughout the eight day festival. Be sure to check the schedule of events, and to view the gallery. The festival's website will remain active for only a brief period, accordingly. Make sure you don’t miss it! The workshops are supported for the 17th year by the Michael Sela Fund for the Cultivation of Young Talent, established in 2003 You are invited to explore and enjoy the Batsheva Dancers Create Online 2020 website. It's FREE!

WHEN: May 15-24, 2020

Batsheva Dancers Create Online 2020
Photo: Ben Green Credit: Ohad Mazor

28 CREATORS Sean Howe Title: Manifestur Directed, conceived, written by: Sean Howe Filmed by: César Brodermann Music: Piano Sonata No. 11 in A - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (performed by Mitsuko Uchida) Format: Video clip Length: 4:28 Reches Itzhaki Title: There were things over there that reminded me of Heaven Music: Meir Ariel/ "Summer Seeds" Luc Jacobs Title: STORY. Format: A short film. Performed by: Ben Green, Amalia Smith, Chiaki Horita, Kyle Scheurich, Hani Sirkis Music: Pablo’’s Eye - Ahead Of Us Text by: Luc Jacobs Title: A CONVERSATION Description: A series of conversational episodes ranging between 5 to 10 minute. Format: Video In collaboration with Yael Benezer. Music: Handel, Bach, .. Cesar Brodermann Title: Self Reflection Format: A live durational performance, approx 7 hours. Live music performed by Jordan Chiolis (New York City) Title: Are you holding me, or am I holding myself? Format: Short Film Duration: 11:47 Music composer: Jordan Chiolis Cinematography: Angelo Vasta Extra Performers: Kyreed Jordan, Connor Speetjens Coloring: Winnie Cheung Assistant Director: Sebastian Abarbanell Title: Self Infinity Poem Format: Poem/Text Title: Tearing down the edges Description: Self Portraits Format: Photography/Art Piece Ohad Mazor Title: Flat/A one woman cabaret (Episode 1: Cigarettes) Description: A short film inspired by a solo process I started in the beginning of this year. Sometimes while attempting to strip down I find myself hiding under more masks and more noises. An intimate invite to six minutes with me, and not with me, through Myy’s camera. Music: Heiraten - Greta Keller, Hommage À John Cage - Nam June Paik Duration: 6:17 Filmed, Edited, and Directed by: Myy Jeraffi Format: Short Film Special thanks: Ben Green Eri Nakamura Title: Grumpy Cat POPO Format: Video Duration: 3:03 Description: I started to create short videos on YouTube about every second day, I never thought about making video before but this situation has brought me here ... Yarden Bareket Format: video clip Duration: 6:13 Editing: Yaara Levi Music: Sinatra - Send in the Clowns Format: video clip Duration: 5:33 Music: Dandelion Hands - Rachel's lullaby, Shlomi Shaban - Amok, Elvis Presley - Always On My Mind. Hani Sirkis Title: Spider-man 8 Music: Milkshake - Kelis (karaoke version) Time : 5-6 min Format: Video Yoni Simon & Avigail Shafrir Title: Rooftop Fantasy Format: Video Duration: 3-5 min Music: Que Rico Mambo - Perez Prado, Mambo No. 8 - Perez Prado, Mambo del Politecnico (Remastered) - Perez Prado Federico Longo Title: Vissi drag Format: Video Duration: 3:10 Music: vissi d’arte “Tosca” Title: Sempre drag Format: Video Duration: 2:00 Music: Sempre Libera “Traviata” Danai Porat Title: A video work by Danai Format: Videodance Duration: 3:00 Filming: Adam Porat Editing: Guy Barak Music: Girafot / "Yesh lo Bachurot kmo Maim" Description: In my creation process I was thinking a lot about the connection between my womanhood and everything it entails, physically and mentally, to my emotional state in this time while trying to maintain my happiness and not take myself too seriously. Shaked Werner and Alma Karvat Shemesh - A Joint Project Title: Delivery Guy Format: 24 h. Multiple live streams+ video showing. Duration: Creation process lasting 24h. The video screening of the creations will be depend on the amount of creations and their durations. Description: In a game concept each participant will throw game cubes on a game board (*rules of the game will be explained in further details in an additional document that is brought to his/her house by a delivery guy) to decide how the creation in this project will be, when he/she will go live to create, how long can it take to film it, and the location of filming (all locations are random rooms that every house has such as the toilet, kitchen, bathroom etc.). The delivery guy will also give each participant a box containing his/her reference for creation but which he/she can only open at the moment of going live (*also further explained in an additional document). Each participant then goes live at the alloted hour and films the creation process that he/she drew, for the duration that they drew. For the final showing all participants send their finished videos to an editor, who will edit all of the pieces together for one final video showing all the creations during this project. Guy Davidson Title: a solo for Roni. Format: a live creation process. Duration: approximately 30-45 minutes but subject to change. Description: a live creation process of a solo for one dancer (Roni Milatin). Music: Option 1: by Mike Vainio- "Set the Controls to the Heart of the Sun". Option 2: Travis Scott- "I can tell". Title: a solo for 4. Format: a live creation process of a "chain" solo with four dancers. Duration: approximately an hour but subject to change. Description: My ambition was to put aside ideas that I had for real life creations, and just enjoy the movement and uniqueness of the dancers I picked. The goal is to create one solo alternating between the 4 dancers, so starting to work with one of them, creating a few phrases of movement and continuing with another. When the dancers are not working one on one with the creator they're still learning the material so that they all know the whole solo. Towards the end of the livestream each dancer will perform the solo once. Participating Dancers: Kyle Sheurich, Tom Nissim, Gianni Notarnicola and Ido Toledano. Music: Travis scott ft. Kendrick lamar "goosebumps" (written by travis scott and kendrick lamar, produced by mike dean) Title: Overthinking Emotions Format: drawing. Drawn by: Eve Davidson (creator's mother). Alma Karvat Shemesh Title: (temporary) a video artwork by Alma Format: videodance Duration: 5 minutes. Filmed and edited by: Gavriel Schneider Music: original music by Avshalom Meidan Title: Text by Alma Karvat Shemesh Description: Thoughts about this period in time. Gianni Notarnicola Title: Lacrimosa. Format: video artwork. Length: 5-10 minutes approx. Description: It is inspired from my true story of unspoken unexpressed emotions of suffering and anger... There’s an uncontrollable system deep inside that contains those feelings and leaves them trapped in my soul. Like the lacrimosa of Mozart, the lacrimosa Virgin Mary and all the other figures from our history that were in despair and pain, I'm experiencing in this process how to engage all my body physically and emotionally into those common feelings that embrace our lives. Music: "Elation" written and performed by Aldous Harding, and produced by John Parish. Gallery artwork: No title. Format: 5 paintings. Drawn/painted by: Adva Eskenasy Tom Nissim Title: Format: videowork Length: 3:03 Music: "I get along without you very well" by Chen Baker. Title: Format: videowork Duration: 3:49 Music: "La noche de mi amor" by Chavela Vargas. Imre Van Opstal Title: ‘Weight’ Length: approx 3 min Format: Video Title: ‘Wanderlust’ Length: 3:10 Format: Video Music : A.M Beef ( is copyright free, its a friend of mine) Description: Approaching ‘home’ as if it were a new and exhilarating place, feeling some of the same wonder we would normally feel being on the road. Appreciating the little things when wandering around in your neighborhood or in your own imagination. Created by Myrthe van Opstal Imre van Opstal Marne van Opstal Xanthe van Opstal Edited by Imre van Opstal Etay Axelroad Title: Format: Photography Piece/Gallery Roni Milatin Title: a video artwork by Roni. Format: video artwork. Duration: 6-7 minutes. Performers: Roni Milatin and Naomi Kats. Filmed and edited by: Roni Milatin and Naomi Kats. Music: Ploughing- Armand Amar, No drums - Tim Hecker, Lullaby- Jocelyn Pook Description: A letter to you my prison, when I cry, I go to your house and pray. Title: a collaborative gallery artwork Format: 2-3 artworks. Description: a collaboration with an artist (also the creator's friend) - Omer shachar. Nitzan Ressler & Maayan Sheinfeld Title: Dancers Talk Format: Video series Description: We asked people what they would like to know about Batsheva dancers and dance in general. In each episode, the dancers engage with a different set of questions and share their thoughts and perspectives. Amalia Smith Title: @telavivcottonninja Format: Gallery art piece Description: During the lockdown when shops were closed, my mother sent me fabrics from Canada that she inherited from my grandmother. Putting to use something that would otherwise be in storage to help others kept me fueled during the Corona period. Igor Ptashenchuck Title: Me Roar Format: Video Duration: 1:50 Music: Komet - Licht Title: Easy Wealth Format: Video Duration: 2:43 Description: Love in the early morning. Music: Tomer Bar - Fantasy Title: Format: Video Duration: 4-5 minutes Music: Ajar - Boom Boom Chun Woong Kim Title: Universe in me. Co Created with: HeeEun Jeong Duration: 4 minutes Format: Video Music: Mint Park Matan Cohen Gil Amishai Kyle Scheurich Title: Format: Live DJ Set You are invited to explore and enjoy the Batsheva Dancers Create Online 2020 website.

Best, Talma

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