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  • Talma Gotteiner

Beit HaKerem Cluster: A New Culinary Festival ‘Ba Li Galil’

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

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The Beit Hakerem Cluster is holding a new culinary festival for the first time this year that will reveal the extraordinary wealth of dishes that exist in the Galilee.

WHEN: Two weekends, Thurs-Sat on 24-26.3 and 31.3-2.4

Credit: Ohad Roth
Beit HaKerem Cluster: A New Culinary Festival ‘Ba Li Galil’

The new festival will take place over two long weekends, from Thursday to Saturday and will combine different and diverse events related to food, restaurants, fascinating figures, hiking trails, cooking and collecting workshops, dairies, wineries, attractions - and all in the breathtaking Galilean landscape.

During the festival, there will be collecting and cultural tours, home hosting, cooking workshops with chefs and well-known culinary people, including Chef Omar Alwan, Muzna Beshara, Ehud Soriano - an olive oil expert, along with demonstrations, lectures and vibrant market days. At the festival, emphasis will be placed on the ancient olive groves and the fine olive oil that characterizes the region.

Beit Hakerem is a cluster of eight authorities: Carmiel, Misgav, Majd al-Krum, Rama, Nahaf, Deir al-Assad and Sajur. The population lives in coexistence between sectors that live side by side and promote business, tourism, culture and more. The cluster is characterized by diverse communities, different religions and different life forms: villages, cities, moshavim, community settlements and kibbutzim, each with its own fascinating culture and life stories.

Moshe Koninsky, Mayor of Carmiel and Chairman of the Beit Hakerem Cluster has stated: “I invite everyone to enjoy a culinary and cultural experience for three days, come to the Galilee!”.

"The Beit Hakerem cluster is a region that many do not know in depth. Thanks to the first 'Ba Li Galil' festival, I believe that many will be exposed to the great flavors and content in the area, the variety of events and activities that will take place at the festival I am proud to lead.", noted Ronit Ovadia, CEO of the Beit Hakerem Cluster.


Registration to the events starts on Feb 27, 2022, through the Hebrew Website or call 04-8276500.

Most of the activities are free. Some of the workshops are subsidized and require pre-registration.



P.S. Subscribers also have 'members only' benefits. To subscribe.

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