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  • Talma Gotteiner

'Dias de Flamenco': A Flamenco Festival in Israel

Hi there,

I am happy to share with you some information about an exciting Flamenco Festival that will take place in Tel-Aviv. This annual event, celebrating its 25th anniversary hosts an Israeli Flamenco dance competition as well as wonderful dance groups from around the world. Prepare yourselves for three days of Spanish dance and music.

WHEN: Thursday through Saturday, 28-30 March 2019 at The Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater, Tel-Aviv

This year, the festival will be hosting the show "BAILABLES" or "Dancing the Sounds," starring the Raphael Estevez & Valeriano Panios Company. This mesmerizing performance of these two leading choreographers and directors in Spanish flamenco, was chosen to be the main show to premiere here in Israel as part of the world premiere!

Dias de Flamenco 2019

The show is a choreographic fantasy of past and present, classical and modern, of ancient flamenco singing with innovative sounds, acoustic and electronic music, folklore and classical, world music with local Spanish music, sacred and profane, noise and silence.

In the contemporary flamenco generation, the rigid and fixed frames of a defined rhythm have been broken. You can take the flamenco that we have inherited and give expression to every sound we hear.

Estevez is the anti-hero of today's Spanish flamenco, full of charisma whose slightest hand gesture, few dance steps, or his impressive stance on stage are sufficient to magnetize the audience.

The show 'BAILABLES' or 'Dancing the Sounds' will be performed with the renewed band of Raphael Estevez and Valeriano Panios, who until recently managed the official Andalusian ballet company 2017-2018. The show will take place on Thursday through Saturday, 28-30 March 2019.

Additionally, on Friday, March 29th there will be a master class with Raphael Estevez at the central stage in Suzanne Dellal at 10:30.

Dias de Flamenco 2019

An additional concert taking place during the festival is entitled "Israeli Flamenco Morning". This concert aims to provide a platform for the promising young generation of flamenco dance in Israel and will be held in the best tradition. Young bands from all over the country will take part in the concert, including Liat Raz - Herzliya, Liat Kaplinsky - Hasharon, Maram Kabalawi - Haifa, Heli Vizman - Eilat, Eleanor Drucker - Ra'anana, Hagar Canaan - Rishon Lezion, Dana Avi - Ness Ziona . Saturday, March 30th at 12:30.

The competition, which is the heart of the Adi Foundation's activity, "Adi 2019" gives the general public an opportunity to see and enjoy the excitement and high level of the competing flamenco dancers.

The competition will take place during the three days of the festival 28-30 / 03/2019 and is divided into three stages. The second stage will take place on the Suzanne Dellal Stage on March 29th.The 4-5 competitors in this stage will perform a mandatory dance CARACOLES, which was taught the previous year in Ursula Lopez's choreography workshop with recorded music and a second optional dance accompanied by live music by Shuki Shwiki and Ophir Atar.

Production and artistic management of the contest - Adva Jeremiah. Among the judges this year are leading choreographers and directors Raphael Estevez and Valeriano Panios!

In addition, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary, the festival will include free outdoor performances.

The show 'LORCA & BLACKBIRD' by dancer and choreographer Sharon Sagi, with the participation of musicians Shuki Shwiki and Ophir Atar and actor Raphael Emanuel Ran will be performed on Friday, March 29th at 21:00.

The second free show is "Gypsy", a musical celebration from Tanya Vinokur's album with the Cinco ensemble. Tanya is a talented violinist and Flamenco singer and dancer who has created an oriental Spanish celebration, of Latin rhythms that fire the soul with energy and joy. Friday at 16:30 at the Suzanne Dellal Plaza for the enjoyment of the audience!

Tickets - Suzanne Dellal: 03-5105656 or English Website

More information can be found at the Keren Adi Foundation's website. Best, Talma

Photography: Beatrix Mexi Molnar

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