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ECHOES & the Israel Chamber Opera Orchestra Resounding Pink Floyd

Hi there,

"ECHOES", the leading Pink Floyd tribute band in Israel, was formed in 2003 and performs songs from all periods and especially from their greatest period in the seventies. This year, for the first time the show will be accompanied by The Israel Chamber Opera Orchestra - a 45-member orchestra !

WHEN: Three shows throughout Israel:

  • Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at the Charles Bronfman Auditorium, Tel-Aviv (i.e. Heichal HaTarbut).

  • Monday, June 24, 2021 at the Omer Amphitheater in the south.

  • Thursday, June 27, 2021 at Haifa Auditorium up north.

ECHOES & the Israel Chamber Opera Orchestra Resounding Pink Floyd
Credit: Ofir Rachbuch

The ECHOES band is made up of nine musicians and singers, and specializes in performing Pink Floyd's works while maintaining the original roles with precision and integrity and producing sound and lighting at the highest level. Its show has been considered for over two decades the highest quality Pink Floyd tribute show in the country. Along with sold-out performances, the band was also invited to take part in unique collaborations with conductor Gil Shochat, and with the UK Pink Floyd Experience during their visit to Israel.

In its performances ECHOES does not try to give a different interpretation to the works of Pink Floyd but tries to bring up an accurate and meticulous performance and all this in order to give you the feeling that you can close your eyes and dedicate yourself to experiencing the music. The musical repertoire of the show will delight Pink Floyd fans of all types and times. The show will feature the best known and beloved Pink Floyd songs.

Members of the band

Kobe Elias - Lead Singer | Usher Ben Ishay - Guitars, Vocals | Hillel Shir - Programming Keyboards, Sounds & Musical Production |Yosi Shitrit - Vocals, Guitars | Shai Zrihan - Bass, Vocals |Band Director Itamar Abuhazira - Drums, Vocals |Anat Haliba - Singer | Yonit Tzarfati - Singer | Meirav Zohar Vasker - Singer

The show will be part of a mini-festival 'Rock the Symphony' (details coming soon) produced by EGOeast, ICOO and Music Business Productions.


Ticket Price: 179 NIS

Tickets can be purchased through the Leean website for Tel Aviv and Haifa or at Tickets4u for Omer.




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