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  • Talma Gotteiner

Equality Day for People with Disabilities

Hi there,

I'm happy to share with you over 40 events hosted by the "Equinote Association", a non-profit organization, that will be taking place throughout the country featuring dancers, musicians, painters, singers, actors, and artists of all ages with special needs.

Rinat Avisar and Yoram Lachish, entrepreneurs and founders of the association, are musicians and parents of four children, two of whom are hard of hearing. The personal familiarity with the world of people with special needs and various limitations and the desire to raise awareness of the need to make culture in general and music, in particular, led them to establish the Equinote association that connects two almost opposite worlds but worlds that are close to their hearts: music and hard of hearing.

The events will take place within the framework of the project “Special Ones at the Forefront” and "Equality Day for People with Disabilities" which took place on December 3rd.

WHEN: During the months of December and January

Equality Day for People with Disabilities
Credit: Givatayim Municipality "Look at Me"


A Performance: "Touching the Sounds with Beethoven"

A groundbreaking musical show especially accessible to children with hearing disabilities - where you hear, see and touch sounds. A performance that won the Israel Accessibility Award, uses an innovative instrument developed for the performance, the playing frequencies of the orchestra are to be screened live, a new approach to music is created - in sight and touch. The children experience how sand changes its shape and produces wonderful geometric shapes, a drop of water reacts to sound, and how the music in your fingertips through vibrating water. The hero of the play is the composer Ludwig van Beethoven, who despite his deafness and perhaps even thanks to his deafness, contributed musical masterpieces to humanity, thus constituting a symbol of the strength of the human spirit and its ability to overcome the limitations of the body.

29/01/2023 17:30 Or Yehuda Culture Hall

"Look at me" - Three Special Teenagers Talk About Everything

Three talented teenagers with special needs in a stimulating and inspiring meeting. Roi Mori, 16 years old, pianist and composer with high-functioning autism; Korel Lachish is 12 years old, studying acting, practicing basketball and judo, and hard of hearing, will perform a monologue dealing with a social boycott; Ron Hessing is 16 years old, swims, sings and plays with brain paralysis. They will tell how to turn a limitation into an advantage and deal with difficulties. The meeting is accompanied by singing, music, and videos. At the end, a Q&A panel will be held.

3/1/2023 18:30, Mishkan for Music and Dance, Or Yehuda

"Color for the World" - An Exhibition in Collaboration with "Pinot Igul"

As part of the "Shave Li" events to mark the month of raising awareness for people with disabilities. Special shows and workshops will be held in Givatayim in collaboration with Equinote for accessible culture.

This is the third year of the "Shave Li" festival under the artistic management of Equinote and for the first time the association organizes an exhibition of special professional artists in collaboration with young artists aged 16-25 on the autistic spectrum. Some of the artists are represented in the organization "Pinot Igul" of Eldad Shushatri, who himself suffers from cerebral palsy. In the exhibition, the participating artists will present their work and how they express in painting their strength, talent, creativity, dreams as well as social challenges, anxieties and fears. The artists' works will even be offered for sale at an exhibition that will be on display until mid-January.

7/12/2022 - 15.01.2023 19:00 Givatayim Theater (large hall)

A Highlight Event - Specials in the Foreground

Summary performance of Hora local council. An artistic performance by the teachers and students of El Wafa School. A drumming show and a joint lesson on taiko drums.

12/18/2023 11:00 Eleanor Hora Center

The Music Sequence - A Show by Artists on the Autistic Spectrum

Tomer Fisher, Roni Ginosar, Dr. Mordi Ben Hamo, Chen Gershoni, Assaf Markowitz, Havier Vosser Netta Shtal, Adiel Caploto, Omer Panhassi and Guy Bayo will appear on one stage for a series of shows, in one evening entirely created by artists with special needs. The festival show lasting about two and a half hours will allow the artists to present their art to the general public.

4.1.23 8:00 Beit Hayutzer

Lecture: Autism, Couscous & Rock ' n ' Roll

Dr. Mordi Ben Hamo, writer, researcher, guitarist and on the autistic spectrum shares his life story and original insights with the audience backed by witty scientific facts. He will tell the story about his life in France and Israel, music, love, autism, abusive parents and doctoral studies. In addition, he will test questions like do we really choose our life partners? Are children a source of joy? Why will botox injections bring us closer to an autistic experience?

12/13/2022 17:00 Yahdav School, Tel Aviv

8/1/2023 20:00 Center for meaningful parenting Ashdod

"Six Points" - An Experiential Meeting

How to write a message without seeing, how to walk with a walking cane, do emojis have a sound? An interactive meeting with Gidi Aaronovitz is a teacher, flutist and born blind who shares his personal story. The children will walk with a walking cane, will be introduced to computer games for the blind and hear the story of Louis Braille "Six Points" combining art, music and conversation.

11/12/2022 17:30 Babylon community center Tel Aviv

"Healing Sounds" Workshop

A workshop on healing with mid-frequency sounds. Lie down and close your eyes, and the audience will surrender and feel the healing sounds of Double bass, harmonium, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, sea shells, and a shophar (horn of a ram). The workshops will be conducted by the founders of the association: Rinat Avisar a professional musician, qualified in integrative medicine under Dr. Nader Botto, using the method named "The Journey" of Brandon Bays, and Yoram Lachish, a wind instrument professional, and groups moderator. They will be joined by one of the leaders in the field in Israel, the musician Ran Gerson.

12/20/2022 16:30 Beit Tami, Tel Aviv. For children and parents

12/1/2023 19:30 Studio Kibbutz Ramat Hakovesh. For adults

Rinat Avisar, the association's founder: "The events we have initiated have a dual purpose: to empower disabled people on their abilities and talents and to present people with disabilities in the public space as part of the entire cultural fabric".

For more events and details, you can go to the Facebook page of Equinote:



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