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  • Talma Gotteiner

Eretz Israel Museum: "Creatures of Midsummer Nights"

Hi there,

A new children's outdoor exhibition has opened at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel-Aviv entitled "Creatures of Midsummer Nights". Dozens of huge imaginary creature installations await them in an adventurous exhibition full of activity in the museum's garden. I am happy to share with you some photos from the launch event.

"Creatures of Midsummer Nights"

Curator: Yuval Sa'ar Artist: Aharale Ben - Aryeh Writer & Illustrator: Einat Tsarfati

Eretz Israel Museum, 2 Haim Levanon st., Tel Aviv

WHEN: From 20 July 2019 to 31 August

About 30 sculptures in the form of animals will be displayed in the outdoor exhibition "Creatures of Midsummer Nights" within the museum grounds of the Museum of Eretz Israel in Tel Aviv. The sculptures include imaginatory forms of a peacock, elephant, grasshopper, fish, snake, lion, horse, crocodile, goat, frog, duck, grasshopper, lizard, etc. These huge forms, born in the imagination of sculptor Aharale Ben Aryeh, rise to a height of six meters, each standing independently, but when viewed together, contribute to an overall effect of a zoo gone wild. It's an alternative art event and a bit of a theme park. In short, fun that got out of control.

Eretz Israel Museum: Creatures of Midsummer Nights

Unlike "ordinary" art exhibitions, the childrent are invited to touch, climb, move and interact with each statue. In a simple action, even small children can make each animal move. Some spread their wings, others open their mouths or wag their tails. To get them started the museum provides each child with a quiz page leading them through the statues through a series of questions. The two 9 year-olds that I went with were certainly occupied by it.

Aside from the quiz page, each child will receive a craft kit with a set of animals to construct and decorate in an artistic workshop. Additionally, each family will receive an illustrated booklet accompanying the exhibition and will participate in a big prize contest.

Aharale Ben-Aryeh, the sculptor has specialized in large-scale sculptures in public parks and playgrounds both in Israel and around the world for over 40 years. Despite the technical complexity he has managed to create a wonderful new world that emerges every evening in a beautifully lit display in the museum garden. The fun world combines game and adventure, amusement and creativity, imagination and crafts.

Eretz Israel Museum: Creatures of Midsummer Nights

Clockwise from top left: Ami Katz, CEO, Eretz Israel Museum, Sculptor Aharale Ben-Aryeh and Curator Yuval Sa'ar.

OPEN: From 20 July 2019 to 31 August 2019. The exhibition will be open from Sunday to Saturday (excluding Fridays) from 18:30 to 21:30.

PRICE: Early sale ticket - 75 NIS, Full price - 90 NIS, Family card (up to 4 persons) - 275 NIS. There are discounts through the various companies.

TICKETS: Purchase tickets on the Hebrew page of the eventim website

Best, Talma

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