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Hansen House: Jerusalem Design Week 2023

Hi there,

Hansen House is proud to present the largest design event in Israel. Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House's flagship event is returning for its 12th edition with dozens of exhibitions, installations, events, and unique projects with the participation of local and international designers.

The annual theme: "Lies and Falsehoods" – the theme that has preoccupied human civilizations since time immemorial. The digital age has brought a comprehensive challenge to the concepts of trust, authenticity, and truth. Fake news, deepfakes, fake images, and disinformation have become commonplace. The post-truth era has conquered both digital and analog reality and is characterized not only by foregoing the search for truth but also by a sense that even if it is found, its value is unclear. 

Jerusalem Design Week 2023 seeks to examine and celebrate the designer's role through works that explore the importance of illusions — works that conceal and deceive, create parallel realities alongside works that deal with discovery and exposure, and examine the possibility of truth and authenticity despite the abundance of lies and falsehoods.

Admission is FREE!

WHEN: June 22-29, 2023.

WHERE: Hansen House Cultural Center for Design, Media, and Technology, 14 Gedaliahu Alon St., Jerusalem

Credit: Yonatan Levi_MATRYOSHKA 2.0
Hansen House: Jerusalem Design Week 2023

For one week, Hansen House's interiors and exteriors will be filled with dozens of installations, exhibitions, projects, and performances representing all design disciplines, and most of which are on display for the first time.

Among them will be international and local design groups and architects creating immersive spaces that arouse the senses. HQ Architects will cast a menacing and deceptive shadow over the façade of Hansen House; The Barcelona based MEATS ELISAVA group will take over the new hospice courtyard with light and fog projections; Nohlab, a group of creators from Istanbul, will transform the attic into a parallel world through animation and sound; Textile designer Tamar Nix will fill another space with the softness of a cloud with fabric; Studio Ma - Moria Landscape Architecture will invite visitors to stay in a synthetic garden of disrupted urban nature; Fashion brand Holyland Civilians will host a kicking manufacturers' display of a performative printing workshop will offer T-shirts for the faithful for sale; Photo Bardak, the automatic photography set by photographer Ella Barak and illustrator Nadav Yahel, will offer visitors to take pictures as a souvenir of the coming end of the world.

As every year, Design Week will host first-of-a-kind exhibitions and collaborations between creators, cultural institutions, and knowledge bodies.

Designer Shahar Kedem is leading a collaboration with the Natural History Museum and curating an exhibition in which local artists will respond to the act of taxidermy, staged nature, and the complex relationship between man and nature; Dr. Jonathan Ventura and Galit Shabu are curating an exhibition that will reveal how objects and consumer goods are harnessed as mechanisms for disseminating social messages; Moscow-based graphic designer group TYPOMANIA will bring together designers from around the world as part of an exhibition of posters responding to the question of truth and falsehood.

This year's "The Matchmaker" project will focus on urban mythologies in Jerusalem, under the direction of Noa Rich and Yohai Aloush. The project will bring together designers, tour guides, and Jerusalem storytellers who will respond to iconic buildings throughout the city and create new and surprising souvenirs of the places, people, and stories behind them.

The spaces of the design and research academies will operate in the format of intriguing shop windows; An avenue of pavilions of prophets and prophetic makers will offer passersby truths and lies about their past and expected future. Other exhibitions and events throughout Hansen House will deal with manipulations and magical deeds in design, propaganda, man-machine, and more.

General management and content: Smadar Tsook and Ran Wolf, Ran Wolf Company

Curators: Dana Ben-Shalom, Sonia Olitsky, and Dr. Jeremy Fogel

Jerusalem Design Week is an initiative of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Tradition and the Jerusalem Development Authority


Jerusalem Design Week

June 22-29, 2023

Opening night: June 22, 2023 | 19:30-23:00

June 23, 2023 | 10:00-16:00

June 24, 2023 | 10:00-22:00

June 25-29, 2023 | 16:00-22:00



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