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  • Talma Gotteiner

Hansen House Presents: "For Now" -Jerusalem Design Week 2022

Hi there,

Jerusalem Design Week has been held since 2011 under the management of Hansen House - a center for design, media, and technology.

The Hansen House maintains and promotes varied work throughout the year to promote the field of design in Jerusalem and Israeli designers in general.

The Design Week the flagship project of the Hansen House, is the largest and most influential public design event in Israel and contains a multitude of local and international design events, shows, and exhibitions.

Every year, Design Week focuses on a central theme that examines unique Jerusalem and Israeli situations of international relevance, thinking that the unique cultural landscape in Israel makes it a kind of living laboratory of burning global issues in the belief that design must respond to these issues.

The 2022 Jerusalem Design Week, the 11th edition of Hansen House's flagship event will include dozens of unique exhibitions, installations, events and projects with the participation of over 150 Israeli and international designers.

Hansen House Presents: "For Now" - Jerusalem Design Week 2022
Credit: Dor Kedmi, A copy of "The Clown" from Design Week 2021

WHEN: June 23-30, 2002, FREE ENTRANCE

This Year's Theme: FOR NOW

Technological acceleration, social earthquakes and ecological uncertainty make the future unpredictable, while the exact same reasons make the past unpreservable. In the middle, a kind of "thick present" is formed, a broad layer within which we operate. In this present, where the future and past have limited visibility, time and efficiency are given more weight than ever, and proper utilization of training, meditation, screen time and travel time become the task of our lives.

Jerusalem Design Week 2022 seeks to examine the temporality of design and the shaping of temporality in the reality of an ongoing present, and asks how time can be harnessed as a tool to have a positive effect in an uncertain space.

This year, all the interior and exterior spaces of the Hansen House will again be filled with dozens of installations, exhibits, exhibitions and projects from all design disciplines, most of which are on display for the first time, around the annual theme. Among them, a performative project by Italian / Austrian artist and designer Aldo Giannotti that will deal with questions of time and repetition and will be spread throughout the Hansen House; An exhibition dealing with the Japanese cleaning ceremonies curated by Natalia Sanz, Takeshi Yamamura, Arieh Rosen and Noam Levinger; The PIKNIK gang from Istanbul who will illustrate in real time their references to the question of time in the historic hospice space; And also - a code-based automatic tarot machine, a shoe factory that will produce shoes for visitors throughout the week, a robot that will print soil and seeds inside it into an architectural structure that will germinate throughout the design week, a pencil that never wears out and more.

Also, in its fifth year, the "Matchmaker" project led by Daniel Nahmias, which connects Jerusalem artisans and Jerusalem designers and works with the elderly for surprising connections that give rise to fascinating products and stories; The historical exhibition curated by Shachar Kedem that in collaboration with the Israel Antiquities Authority examine sthe connection between the archeological finds and the stories we weave around them; And other fascinating exhibitions and events throughout Hansen House with the participation of local and international designers.

Design Week is an initiative of the Jerusalem Ministry of Heritage and the Jerusalem Development Authority and managed by Ran Wolf.


Hours of operation during the week

June 23, Thursday, 18:00-23:00 - Opening night!

June 24, Friday, 10 am-4pm

June 25, Saturday, 10 am-2pm

June 26-30,16: 00-23:00



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