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  • Talma Gotteiner

Harvey's Smokehouse: Wisps of Summer Menu Delights

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Hi there,

Chef Haim (Harvey) Sandler finally managed to smoke us out of the house with his tantalizing new summer menu. For those who aren't familiar with the restaurant, HARVEY'S smokehouse, is the first and only American BBQ wood smokehouse in the Jerusalem area and among the few in the country, that also happens to be Kosher (Mehuderet Jerusalem)! Thank you Chef Harvey for the kind invitation to review your restaurant.

The updated menu presents new dishes in both the meat and vegetarian sections. As a celiac, I had a large variety to choose from because all the meats are smoked with dry rubs of seasoning and the sauces are served on the side and since they are handcrafted, most of them are gluten-free as well. I verified with Harvey and the waiter who was also quite knowledgable about each of the dishes. The restaurant, which opened about two years ago, is located in the center of Jerusalem's night scene, in the Nahalat Shiva neighborhood, near Kikar HaMusica.

The new menu for the summer of 2020 offers an assortment of mouth-watering entrées including: Charred Eggplant Baladi (42 NIS), Pulled Beef Tacos (43 NIS), Texas BBQ Nachos (45 NIS), Salads, Popcorn Chicken (49 NIS) and more. We went for the Mexican starters because we both love the balance of meat, vegetables and spices in the Mexican cuisine. My husband had the Tacos all to himself (not GF) that serves 4 Tacos piled high with hickory smoked pulled beef, guacamole, salsa roja and more. I had the Texas BBQ Nachos that are seved with a large bowl of smoked chorizo, brisket, black bean chili, salsa roja, guacamole and jalapenos.

Harvey's Smokehouse: Wisps of Summer Menu Delights
Counter clockwise from top: Pulled Beef Tacos, Texas BBQ Nachos and one perfectly arranged Nacho

The latest novelties in the main dish menu include: 4-hour hickory-smoked sirloin (38 NIS per 100g), smoked chicken breast (96 NIS) and Jo Jo's Charcoal Grilled BBQ Burger (58 NIS) alongside 12-18 hour personally built smoked meat platters, assorted handcrafted sandwiches with various meats, Short Ribs (158 NIS), Chateaubriand (295 NIS per 500g), Filet Mignon Medallions (158 NIS per 250g), Rib Eye Steak (156 NIS per 300g) and more. My husband and I crafted a meat platter allowing us to enjoy a sizeable portion of Asado, brisket, pulled beef and chorizo with onion rings and salad on the side. I think that all in all, including the starters, we easily had about 500g of meat each. I think it sounds better in grams than half a kilo! For dessert, we shared a melt-in-your-mouth crème brûlée and concluded the evening by taking a lovely walk in the refreshing dry night air of Jerusalem.

Harvey's Smokehouse: Wisps of Summer Menu Delights
Above: The Asado is the big chunk behind the pulled beef bowl and the brisket is the large flat slice in the center.

A Few Words About Harvey

Chef Harvey Sandler was born in Canada and made Aliyah in 2010 from Vancouver. Sandler graduated as a chef in 2002 and received the Canadian RED SEAL decoration. Harvey began his career by opening restaurants and a catering company in Canada and over the years became the premier kosher catering in Vancouver serving up to 650 people.

In 2010, in fulfillment of his Zionist dream, he made Aliyah to Israel and continued to work in the culinary field engaging also in private events where he met his business partner. Together, they acquired the Jerusalem restaurant 'Gabriel', continuing the characteristic tradition - a chef's restaurant that uses fine raw materials with great attention to detail. About two years ago, Harvey opened HARVEY'S smokehouse restaurant the only American BBQ wood smokehouse in the Jerusalem area, fulfilling a dream. A few months ago, Harvey also opened - HARVEY'S BURGER SHACK specializing in hamburgers and continues to look forward to opening more places that will introduce the fine American taste for Israelis.

Chef Harvey Sandler said that the tremendous success of HARVEY'S smokehouse restaurant has been far beyond his expectations and that he hopes that people will continue to enjoy it and the other quality foods on the menu.

In these troubled times, it is important to mention that there are plenty of seating areas both inside (two levels) and outside. The tables were arranged in more than sufficient distancing and that alcogel is available on a free stand near the bar.


Open: Sun-Thurs 12:00-23:00 and on Saturday after the Sabbath-23:00

Phone: 02-6246444

Address: 7 Shimon Ben Shatakh St. Jerusalem

Beteavon! Bon Appétit!


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