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  • Talma Gotteiner

Neot Kdumim: The Lantern Tour of the Biblical Landscape

Hi there,

Neot Kdumim is a unique Biblical Nature Reserve that is designed to present the landscape and lifestyle in Israel in biblical times. The reserve was founded by a man called Nogah Hareuveni, a nature lover and educator and son of the botanists and researchers who founded the Biblical-Talmudic Botanical Museum at the Hebrew University. Nogah Reuveni received the Israel Award for founding Neot Kdumim in 1994.

Neot Kdumim: The Lantern Tour of the Biblical Landscape

The park is located midway between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem and has 625 acres of land planted with Biblical vegetation. The reserve presents ancient terraces, water wells and cisterns, olive presses, wine presses and threshing floors, which are all used to explain how people lived in Biblical times through experiential tours.

The park offers a variety of guided tours for groups, families and individuals as well as summer camp programs, workshops and educational programs.

I joined a lantern tour with my friend and two children. The tour begins just before sunset and enables visitors to walk through the ancient paths and see the sites of the park both before and after darkness, which is lit by lanterns and starlight.

We learnt a bit about telling direction in ancient times and made scent bags from the myrtle tree. We saw an ancient wine press and learnt about how it worked and later on pulled water out of an ancient cistern.

Tickets and Registration

Upcoming tour dates: 28.8, 3.9 and 10.9.

Language: The fixed date lantern tours are in Hebrew, but English speakers can contact the park and register for a family tour in English.

The tours start at 18:30 and take ~2.5 hours of easy walking with plenty of stops.

Recommended Age: 5 and up

Price: 40 NIS from age 4 and up or 35 NIS for groups of 4 and up.

Don't forget to wear walking shoes and bring your water bottles!

Contact: 08-9770770 or email

Registration for the Lantern Tours: Hebrew Event Page



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