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  • Talma Gotteiner

Hollandia: Launching A Sleep Forum

Hi there,

Avi Barseset, an international sleep specialist, CEO of the 'Hollandia' chain stores and a representative of the World Sleep Organization in Israel has launched a Facebook Group "Sleep Forum - With Avi Barseset".

Hollandia: Launching A Sleep Forum
Above: Avi Barseset Credit: Aviv Hofi

The forum, that was set up just over two weeks ago and already has over 1000 members, is the fulfillment of a dream for Avi Barseset as he explained during the launch meeting. "I have been dreaming of creating this forum as an extension to the books that I have written on the subject of sleep: "Slumber of Kings" (in English) and "Nap - Sod Hasheyna Hamushlemet" (in Hebrew) for those who dream of sleeping well or much better for whatever reason: health or indulgence."

The purpose is to be an active, dynamic real forum that provides high-quality, comprehensive, eye-catching responses to every question or dilemma. A forum that encourages sharing and discussion among members of the group led by Barseset, that will ultimately contribute to the quality of sleep of the group members.

According to Barseset, he intends to contribute as much as possible from the knowledge that he has accumulated over the years here in Israel and also from his experience as a lecturer around the world and as an expert who has participated in several TV shows on the subject. He plans on sharing important information, recommendations and tips to help improve the sleeping experience as much as possible.

Everyone on Facebook is invited to join the "Sleep Forum" group. Members will have complete freedom to share from their experience within the group and contribute to the discourse. The forum will be a safe and supportive community, in which members can consult, ask questions, and expect to receive quality answers to any questions they may have about themselves or their families, so that together they can expand their knowledge and ability to enjoy high quality sleep.

World Sleep Day During the last World Sleep Day (March 13, 2020), the World Sleep Organization launched a call for global activity that brings together researchers, health professionals and patients to recognize the importance and impact of sleep on our health. Their slogan for their activities this year is 'Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet'.

Per the World Sleep Organization, one way to contribute to the survival of the planet is to extend the duration of our sleep leading to a decrease in usage of fuel, electricity, food and oxygen (breathing decreases during sleep). Moreover, improving sleep quality can also reduce the risk of work and road accidents, promote melatonin secretion and help prevent premature aging in humans.

The Status in Israel In Israel, per Avi Barseset, this year, the focus will be on strengthening the connection between a healthy and sporty lifestyle and quality sleep. In meetings with clients and any other available platform, the recommendations of the World Sleep Organization will be emphasized.

A recent survey conducted by the Geocartography Knowledge Group for Hollandia demonstrated that Israelis sleep less than the recommended amount of sleep, and the vast majority do not still practice sports at the recommended frequency, while one fifth of the population is not at all active:

  • Nearly two-thirds of the public (about 64%) sleep 6 or 7 hours a night, 44% sleep up to 6 hours a night and about one fifth of the population states that it does not do sports activities at all.

  • Only 15% of the population sleeps 8 hours a night as recommended and about 40% do sports activities at a frequency of 2-3 times a week as recommended.

  • On average, people sleep 6.7 hours a night.

  • On average, the Israeli population does some kind of sports activity about 6.8 times a month.

  • Men do more sports activities than women (7.4 versus 6.2 on average per month) and older people 55+ do more activities that younger people (9.7 versus 6.3 on average per month).

Sleep Forum Ambassadors: The Sleep Forum welcomes everyone who holds sleep and its importance to the various strata of life, close to their heart. Professionals from various fields are invited to take an active part in the operation of this group and use it as a setting for sharing information that may be relevant to the group members. These may be professionals of sports, lifestyle, nutrition, health and more. The ambassadors will be exposed long before everyone to news and innovation in the field and will be invited to take part in various activities throughout the year.

During the launch, Sivan Abbott Barkan, a physiologist and dietitian, specializing in healthy sleep and proper nutrition, was invited to share her knowledge in the group.

How do you become a sleep forum ambassador? What are the criteria for choosing a sleep ambassador? Ask through the forum. Good Zzzzz... Talma

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