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Jerusalem Artists' House Exhibitions Aug - Sep 2021

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The Jerusalem Artists House, home gallery to the Association for Jerusalem Artists displays group exhibitions and collaborative works of Israeli and international artists year-round. This summer it is hosting four exhibitions. Entrance is FREE!

WHEN: Aug. 7, 2021 - Oct. 2, 2021

Jerusalem Artists' House Exhibitions Aug - Sep 2021
Credit: Noam Omer's painting Abba Moshe, 2014 taken by Ariel Yannay Shani

Itai Ron-Gilboa \ Heavy Air (Site-specific)

Curator: Galit Semel

Large hollow objects stand in the exhibition space, defined by contour only. Itai Ron Gilboa "draws" boxes of various sizes in the space, in which diverse objects appear. He employs an idiosyncratic formal language, which includes a construction of thin black iron rods. The containers hold only what is absolutely necessary—no more than one object, and only the object for which they were built. Each object is placed with utmost accuracy in a container befitting its dimensions, in which it sustains a world all its own, living, growing, and existing autarkically. Ron Gilboa fashions the relationship between a (variable) object and a geometric structure with a known shape, in which life is intensified and refined to its optimal form. His works offer an interesting view of the relationship between empty and full, creating simultaneous awareness of matter and its absence.

Gallery talks: Sat. 28.8.21 at 12:00, Sat. 25.9.21 at 12:00

* Noam Omer and Itai Ron-Gilba's exhibitions are displaying simultaneously and create a dialogue with each other.

Nephilim (painting, ceramics)

Curator: Galit Semel

The works in Noam Omer's exhibition address a tragic-grotesque experience of existence. Threatening hints hover over unconventional figures, depicted as Nephilim—gigantic creatures with a distorted shape, subjected to various states of threat, calling to mind end situations. The threat distorts the figures, causing them to lose their balanced appearance and become caricatures of themselves. Growing ugly, they expose inhuman aspects.

Omer's works blend different representations of time, striving for simultaneity; a new, virtual time, transpiring in no place, furnishing a sense of a common cybernetic space, combined with the act of creation and observation. The works consist of systems of symbols incomprehensible to the viewer, hence disconcerting. The constant oscillation between the tragic and the mundane, the absurd and the logical, underlies his oeuvre at large, lending it its unique character.

Gallery talks: Sat. 28.8.21 at 12:00, Sat. 25.9.21 at 12:00

* Noam Omer and Itai Ron-Gilba's exhibitions are displaying simultaneously and create a dialogue with each other.

Ruth Norman \ Tama (Painting)

Curator: Meydad Eliyahu

For an entire year, Ruth Norman painted 48 fragments from a Persian rug, which she came across while visiting a friend's home. Norman deconstructed the enigmatic rug with her gaze and isolated sections from it to form a personal index of human figures, animals, and legendary scenes. She then turned to a meditative act of painting in a technique she had developed over the years: applying diluted correction fluid to thick black paper. Deconstructing the original structure, eliminating the multiple ornaments, and scattering the figures in a new imaginary space. Scene after scene, the figures emerge from the carpet, forming new situations and orders: The Choir, The Entry, The Meeting, The Calf Bearer, Enemies, Paradise, Temptation, The Return, Pleasures, Separation, Wandering, Present. At the center of all these is the figure of Tama, a girl becoming a young woman, who tells her story.

Gallery talk: Sat. 18.9.21 at 12:00

Noa Livnat Agmon \ Mis(s)placed (Photography)

Curator: Yuval Tebol

Belonging, memory, yearning, and home, the perception of space, its distortion, and the creation of "new" but obscure spaces and landscapes—all of these are an essential part of artist Noa Livnat Agmon's photography and video project: Mis(s)placed.

In recent years, Noa has been operating on the axis between London and Tel Aviv, flooded with feelings of alienation and non-belonging. This has given rise to a body of work that delves into spatial perception, modes of observation, memory, and belonging. The use of a stereoscopic analogue camera and black-and-white film highlights the delicate balance between aesthetics and content. Noa deconstructs and reconstructs the landscapes and memories, trying to free herself from the burden of memory's hermetic quality; she re-maps the past, thereby attempting to map the present and the future. She seeks to create new mechanisms of control and order, new spaces of external observation and exploration of an inner essence, through which she hopes to reach the perfect, utopian place, where she will feel at home.

Gallery talk: Tue. 10.8.21 at 17:00



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