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  • Talma Gotteiner

Jerusalem Artists' House: Reopening

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Hi there!

The Jerusalem Artists' House gallery is reopening with four almost new exhibitions of Israeli contemporary art. The Artists' House operates according to the current purple character and Ministry of Health guidelines.

Jerusalem Artists' House: Reopening
Credit: Exhibition of Oded Zaidel 'Us' photographed by Michael Amar

WHEN: Dec 16, 2020 - Jan 24, 2021


Magdalena Hefetz \ One Thousand and One Cups (ceramics)

Curator: Ilan Wizgan

In her new exhibition, Magdalena Hefetz presents two large-scale works from the past two years: an installation alluding to One Thousand and One Nights, consisting of 1,001 cups produced in traditional handwork, and a ball-like work, clad with pottery fragments. For the central installation, Hefetz chose the most basic form taught in pottery classes—the cylinder, and its primary purpose—the cup. She imprinted a number on each cup in ascending order, thereby giving each its own uniqueness within the heap of seemingly identical items. The association with the Holocaust is not accidental. The number is intended to erase individual identity. Piled up, the cups create a human landscape; a collection of individuals, who form a group that shares a common fate, despite their uniqueness.

Magdalena Hefetz, a senior ceramic artist, studied in Berlin and Jerusalem, and her works were featured extensively in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad. Concurrent with her artistic practice, over the years she held several public roles (chair or the Ceramic Artists Association of Israel; chair of the Jerusalem Artists House).

Oded Zaidel \ Us (painting)

Curator: Ilan Wizgan

In his exhibition "Us," Oded Zaidel presents new paintings, individual and group portraits, most of them created in the shadow of COVID-19. The paintings are all based on photographs taken by the artist's wife; selfies in the spirit of the current era, which he transforms into paintings on canvas in the spirit of famous scenes and portraits from the history of art. Zaidel expands his engagement with depiction of figures, after years in which he was identified primarily with the painting of sites devoid of human presence. The portraits surrender the influence of or reference to Ori Reisman's paintings: scarce use of shading, flattening of the cloth folds, minimum engagement with facial features, as little as necessary to characterize the figure, and nothing more. Zaidel's paintings, however, have an idiosyncrasy of their own. It is not direct painting of a model, but painting from photographs taken in domestic and private circumstances, or at exhibition openings.

Oded Zaidel studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. In the past two decades, he has devoted most of his time to artistic practice.

Lital Mor \ Under the Blazing Sun: an exhibition in the 22nd Nidbach series (photography, video)

Curator: Mark Yashaev

Lital Mor's works reveal ostensibly insignificant moments, elevated to the level of representative presence, which is foreign to the viewer in the context of an art exhibition. Like Meursault, the protagonist of Albert Camus' novel 'The Stranger', Mor strives to "shatter the harmony of the day" by pointing at the temporary, transient, negligible. Her works depict routine moments, often evoking a sense of déjà-vu. She diligently identifies and draws attention to the moments of "nothingness" that pass us by in the race of daily life, charging abstract moments with existential meaning.

Talia Israeli \ One of the Mountains (painting)

Curator: Yael Katz Ben Shalom

Talia Israeli's exhibition comprises works ranging between black and white. Large schematic paintings on canvas are joined by contrasting landscape drawings on small-format wooden boards. Sampling reproductions of Renaissance frescos, the Christian motifs are subtracted from the image in an attempt to secularize it: to be left with the landscape alone and examine its imprint, and at the same time—to meet the absence, to preserve a historical reference point to the myth.


Address: 12 Shmuel HaNagid Street, Jerusalem

Open: Sunday - closed / Monday-Thursday 10:00-18:00 / Friday - closed / Sat 11:00-14:00.

Please arrange a tour of the gallery in advance: 02-6253653 or by email

Happy New Year!


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