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  • Talma Gotteiner

Jerusalem Botanical Garden: Winter Lights 2021

Hi there,

The Jerusalem Botanical Garden is proud to announce its hottest winter event - Winter Lights!. Starting Hanukkah, November 28h, and running through December 31st, the garden will turn into a European market filled with lights, flavors, scents and experiences.

This year, the garden will be launching on the occasion of the festival, a new 700 meters route that will take visitors through a breathtaking 3.5 acres of natural landscape all decorated with special lighting. Visitors will enjoy the resulting fairytale scenery, live music played by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, actors and artists dressed up in costumes, food stands and food trucks serving favorite seasonal flavors - roasted chestnuts, hot potatoes, French crêpes, hot dogs, hot beverages, Sangria, holiday "Sufganiyot" (doughnuts), and many more!

WHEN:Nov 28th 2021 – Dec 31st, 2021

Jerusalem Botanical Garden: Winter Lights 2021
Credit: Tom Amit

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens in Givat Ram is a real gem in the heart of Jerusalem. The Garden works as an educational center as well as an academic, research oriented space, in which a large international collection of plants is grown in a geographical presentation. The garden is a wonderful attraction for tourism, artistic events and cultural experiences. It is the biggest botanical garden in Israel with an area spanning a vast 29 acres. It holds the largest collection of living plants in Israel and in the entire middle east.

Over 6,600 different kinds and species of plants from all over the world are grown and presented in 6 geographical sections in the garden - South Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, South West and Central Asia and the Mediterranean. The different sections showcase the natural landscape unique to each of these areas, which means that the garden blooms all year long!


Tickets are sold at the ticket booth upon entering the garden. To pre-order call *6226 or visit the website.

Opening times: Sun-Thu: 17:00-21:30, Sat: 18:00-21:30, Last entrance: 21:00.

Prices: Adult - 40 NIS, Child (5 - 12) - 25 NIS, Soldiers - 25 NIS, Child under 5 - Free, Members - Free.

Happy Hanukkah!


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