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  • Talma Gotteiner

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens: A Preview of “The Land of Fairytales”

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hi there,

Every year the Botanical Gardens hold a major summer event that turns the Botanical Gardens into a fascinating themed adventure park that is both exciting and pleasant to visit as well as suitable for the whole family.

This August, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Ariel Company and the Botanical Gardens are inviting you to an illuminating experience (pun intended). At sundown, the gardens transform into a magical world full of enchanting lights and sounds, stories, games, surprising encounters with characters that symbolize the greatest childhood experience of all – fairytales.

WHEN: Throughout August

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens: A Preview of “The Land of Fairytales”
Credit: Tom Amit

Your visit begins at the lotus lake that is now in full bloom with lotus blossoms reaching 2 meters high. You'll be greeted by Geppetto and Pinocchio, who will provide you with a map and a riddle inviting you to embark on a quest regarding a magical object that has disappeared. The map will take you through 9 playgrounds with various experiential activities that will ultimately enable you to solve the riddle.

The children will be able to take pictures with characters and immerse themselves in the captivating legends. They'll be able to join: Alice in Wonderland's photo shoot, save Rapunzel from the tower, solve the Humpty Dumpty riddle wall, meet Little Red Riding Hood, explore the Wishes Trail, take the Dragon Route, meet Elsa in the hidden waterfall, dance with Mowgli, follow the noise of hammers coming from the mountain and search for gold alongside the dwarves in the mine, climb Jack and the Beanstalk's wall and visit Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Aladdin's Genie in the new tropical conservatory.

All the while, you'll be able to take pleasure in the setting of the scented garden. The Botanical Gardens cover 120 acres and display a variety of over 6,400 plants grown in six geographical regions. In the South African region there are special succulent plants. In the Americas, you'll be surrounded by the fragrant flowers of the magnolia trees and the red blossoms of the Erythrina Herbacea. In the Asian region you'll enjoy different trees including pear trees and oaks and in the Mediterranean region you'll meet with the aromatic thyme and hyssop herbs that also have beautiful blooms.

Coronavirus Safety Precautions

The University Botanical Gardens opened its gates to the public according to the Ministry of Health guidelines in accordance with the purple mark, several weeks ago. “The Land of Fairytales” is spread over only a quarter of the garden area enabling hundreds of families to be safely admitted at the same time whilst maintaining socially approved distancing.

The Botanical Garden has taken care to disinfect the public areas and restrooms and is monitoring the amount of visitors. The Botanical Gardens can be enjoyed in all areas, including the tropical greenhouse. The garden covers 120 acres and can accommodate hundreds of people at the same time according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Due to the need to control the amount of visitors and their level of protection, visitors are required to purchase tickets in advance through the website. Visitors will be asked to move around the garden while maintaining a distance between families and avoid crowds of over 50 people; each visitor must be equipped with a personal mask and the use of gloves is also recommended (except for the exemptions from the duty according to the applicable guidelines).

Features and Tickets

  • Recommended ages: suitable for the whole family, children from 3-12.

  • Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs 17:00-22:30, Sat. Night End of Sabbath-22:30.

  • Ticket Prices: 79 NIS, Yarushalmi Card Holders: 29 NIS and Members: 25 NIS

  • Ticket Puchasing: In advance on the Bimot Website

  • Further Contacts: 02-6794012 or The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens English Website



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