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  • Talma Gotteiner

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens: An Online Activity for 'Tu Bishvat'

Hi there,

The University Botanical Garden in Jerusalem has created a special online activity for the whole family on the occasion of the 'Tu BiShvat' holiday, the Jewish holiday that celebrates the 'New Year of Trees'. The activities are both in Hebrew and English.

Normally, the holiday is celebrated by planting trees, eating plenty of fruits to celebrate the bounty of nature and by holding numerous ecological activities.

This year, the University Botanical Garden is dedicating a special virtual space for children to learning about the mysterious life of the trees. The virtual activities will cover the various parts of the trees - the roots, the stem, the leaves, the flowers, the fruits and the seeds.

With the help of instructional videos, home experiments and stories everyone will discover how trees exist. Those who enter the virtual space of the garden will be able to experience the distribution of seeds, extract chlorophyll from leaves, learn about cuttings for planting and will also get to know their personal birthday flower!

WHERE: To start your fascinating journey that begins underground and reaches the tops of the trees, you can click the link to

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens: An Online Activity for 'Tu Bishvat'

The University Botanical Garden in Givat Ram is a gem of nature in the heart of Jerusalem. The garden operates as an educational and research center and contains a diverse collection of plants from around the world in a geographical display. The garden is a center for entertainment, tourism and cultural events as well as a center for education, training and research. It is the largest botanical garden in Israel, covering an area of ​​120 dunams, with the largest collection of living plants in Israel and the Middle East. The garden grows over 6,600 species and varieties of plants from around the world, displayed in six geographical plots (South Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, Central Asia and the Mediterranean). The garden plots mimic the plant landscapes of each area and display spectacular views and blooms throughout the year.

Additionally, the new tropical greenhouse in the garden has about 300 special plant species including endangered plants, spectacular banana trees, coffee bushes, orchids and cacti. The greenhouse is divided into two areas: the first large is a tropical area, while the second part is the desert area; Both are characterized by rich vegetation adapted to the climate by geographical areas with ecological environments that display a large range of habitats.

Happy Tu Bishvat!


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