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  • Talma Gotteiner

Jerusalem: Metziut BeAspemia / Unreal Reality - A Fantastic Exhibition

Hi there,

The timing of this exhibition is incredible. The 'Studio of Her Own' gallery, the United States Embassy in Israel and the 'Beit Hagefen' gallery in Haifa are pleased to invite the public to the exhibition 'Metziut BeAspemia' (i.e. Unreal Reality) curated by Natalie Peslav Stern, which summarizes the Women' Leadership Program in Culture.

WHEN: Aug 27th - Oct 30th, 2020 at the "Studio of Her Own" Gallery (Studio Mishelach), 10a Kaf-Tet Be'November St., Jerusalem. Admission is FREE!

OPEN: Sunday and Monday - 10:00-15:00, Wednesday - 15:00-19:00

Jerusalem: Metziut BeAspemia / Unreal Reality - A Fantastic Exhibition
Credit: Studio of Her Own. Painted by Nasreen Abu Bacher - Woman, Sabra Cactus, Fish, Red Crescent 2018

The 'Women's Leadership in Culture' program operated between 2018-2019 in Haifa, Lod and Jerusalem, cultivating artists in the field of visual arts from various religious backgrounds helping them grow as influential cultural leaders in their communities. The program brought together 26 Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze religious artists for a series of monthly meetings. The sessions dealt with the development of the artistic practice, and the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of the participants. In 2019, the artists exhibited in Lod and Beit Hagefen in Haifa.

The exhibition 'Metziut BeAspemia' will feature 10 of the participating artists. The works touch on various aspects of the struggles they share as women coming from traditional societies. It is a call for religious and sectarian equality and addresses violence against women, female representation and addresses head covering and external-internal visibility. The works raise questions about the various forces of society that are exercised towards The catalog that accompanies the project tells about the special process the artists went through during the program, including some who decided to take off their headscarves and become single mothers.

The exhibition 'Metziut BeAspemia' is displayed in the new space of "Studio of Her Own" in the historic home of the painter Pinchas Litvinovsky that serves as the first center of its kind for multicultural women's art in Israel.

The 'Women's Leadership in Culture' project was formed several years ago by Tzipi Mizrahi, founder of "Studio of Her Own" and Yaela Hazot, former head of arts at the British Council, former curator of Beit Hagefen Gallery, researcher and lecturer in cultural management. Both graduated from the US embassy's prestigious exchange program for social leaders. The project was implemented thanks to the funding of the US Embassy Alumni Fund and the generous contribution and partnership of the Lod Municipality, the Mifal HaPais Council for Culture and Arts, MATI Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Foundation, Keren Natan, the Genesis Prize and community investors.

Curators of the exhibitions in Haifa and Lod: Hadas Glazer, Yael Messer

Moderators: Navel Abu Issa, Raya Brockenthal, Shreki Golani

Founders and directors of the program: Yaela Hazot Yanuka and Tzipi Mizrahi

Shana Tova,


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