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  • Talma Gotteiner

Jerusalem: "Save As" A Cultural Excursion Btwn. Inspiration & Influence

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Sometimes it seems like we live in a world where everything has already been said and done culturally. Great works of literature have already been published, iconic art is already world-famous, and important musical compositions are being taught worldwide. Is it even possible to innovate?

"Save As" is a multidisciplinary cultural festival that explores the borders of influence and inspiration. The paths and stone courtyards of Mishkenot Sha'ananim in Jerusalem will come alive with countless literary talks, comedy shows, music, dance, and more. The festival seeks to trace the elusive fingerprints of influences and chart the hidden road map of inspiration. To show how mythological works permeate new works, and to celebrate the way in which contemporary creators insist and succeed in becoming an original voice

Featuring: Liat Har Lev ("Eretz Nehederet"), Gal and Guy Levy (Leily), Orly Castel-Bloom, the cast of "Michael" (Avi Dangur, Hila Goldenberg and Meital Raz), Maya Tevet Dayan, Tal Nitzan, Shlomi Hatuka, Amichai Chasson, Elad Zeret, Shlomit Naim Naor, Orit Gidali, Maya Buenos, Mishy Harman, Lior Zalmanson, Arik Futterman, Tzachi Avinoam, Michal Ben Lior

Artistic management: Noa Melamed Vazana and Avishai Huri

WHEN: 9-10 November 2022 between 19:00-23:00

Jerusalem: "Save As" A Cultural Excursion Btwn. Inspiration & Influence
Credit: "Yasminish" by Erez Biton


Wednesday, 9.11 Writing Workshops

Taking place at the Little Prince Cafe (31 Jaffa St., Feingold Yard). The first drink is included!

19:00 Less is more

An intimate workshop with author Orly Castel-Bloom. How do you refine the text prudently to make it clear and concise? What is the role of internal contradictions in stories and in the essence of the literary text? Following "My First Goose" by Isaac Babel.

21:00 Copy, paste, write

What sources of poetic inspiration are found on social networks, in the automatic email from the bank and in the spam box? The poet and researcher Lior Zalmanson in a workshop on a form of unoriginal poetry that takes existing texts out of context and turns them into a new poem.

Thursday, 10.11, Mishkenot Sha'ananim Cultural Center

19:30–20:15 - At the parliament with Liat Har Lev from TV show "Eretz Nehederet"

How were the brilliant characters of Pious Esti, Parlamentarian Irena, Pharmacist Selma and Lihi Hashtag born? Actress Liat Har Lev in an intimate conversation about her sources of inspiration, from the theater stages to the insane news edition of "Eretz Nehederet".

Moderator: Hila Goldenberg

20:45–21:30 "Veani Raiti Brosh" (I saw a cypress)

Dubi, Rivka and Yasminish will have an open conversation with the audience. The members of the Brosh family, from the cult TV show "Michael" will tell about inspiration from onion casserole, TV stars and a collection of imitators who brought them to where they are. Featuring Avi Dangur, Hila Goldenberg and Meital Raz.

Moderator: Eli Haviv

20:30 The Genetics of Imagination

Poetry is often written in solitude, but echoes impressions from previous poems, places and relationships. Poets tell stories about people who influenced their work.

Featuring Shlomi Hatuka, Tal Nitzan, Shlomit Naim Naor, Elad Zeret, Amichai Chasson and Maya Tevet Dayan

Moderator: Mishi Harman

In collaboration with Jerusalem Story, a line of storytelling event from Israel Story.

22:00 A Masterclass with Leily - Gal Toren and Guy Levy

The pair of musicians and childhood friends from Jerusalem will tell about the separate creative paths that they took and will give us a taste of the music they created together after years of working separately.

Throughout the evening:

Talk to Me

A woman is sitting on an armchair in a hidden room. She makes a clear request - "Talk to me". Talk to me in this moment, which will never come again, in which two people are sitting opposite one another and each is facing himself.

Creators: Maya Buenos and Eyal Levit

A Date with a Poet

The poet Orit Gidali invites couples to a conversation at the bar, at the end of which she will write a poem for them - a poem about love or hardship, overcoming or celebration. Their song, written for them is a song they need to hear.

Word Jam

Words suggested by the audience in real time will become new and completely original songs under the hands of the poet Tzachi Avinoam and the video-art artist Aric Futterman.

By Eye

Choreographer Michal Ben Lior and her brother flamenco-jazz guitarist Dan Ben Lior (Madrid) created a dance-performance work inspired by their unforgettable grandmother, a part of who always remains with them, in spirit, wherever they go. The two will invite the audience to recall moments of inspiration with family members, and translate them into the language of music and dance.

Food for the Soul

Dwiny Pita Bar brings colorful and heart-warming pitas straight from the market and merry drinks.


Tickets may be purchased through the festival website or Eventer Phone *6627 and include entry into all the events of the day.

The program is subject to change.

It is recommended to dress warmly, especially for outdoor events.



P.S. Subscribers also have 'members only' benefits. To subscribe.

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