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  • Talma Gotteiner

Jerusalem: The 12th 'Manofim Festival' for Contemporary Art

Hi there,

The Jerusalem 'Manofim Festival' for contemporary art, will be held online this year. The festival, which every autumn, opens the art season in Jerusalem, will be held for three days and nights presenting a rich and varied artistic program connected symbiotically to the current existential situation.

Jerusalem: The 12th 'Manofim Festival' for Contemporary Art
Credit: Assaf Amdursky by Ben Flachov

WHEN: Oct 27th-29th, 2020

Among the main events of the 2020 Manofim Festival are:

  • An opening event - a festive premiere - a night show at the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem.

  • Jerusalem Art Conference, entitled "The Moment of Truth".

  • Artist Appointments - four one-on-one meetings with Jerusalem artists located in their studios or exhibition spaces.

  • Guest lectures from abroad by Lithuanian artist Vaiva Grainyte, Austrian artists Eckhard Christoph Weber and Nikolaus and by Hrag Vertanian, editor of the American art magazine "Hyperallergic".

  • "Mini Manofim Workshops" - art for the younger generation - tours and creative activities for children and the whole family.

  • Manofim Tours - Surprising virtual tours presenting art that is only available in Jerusalem.

  • "The Mixer" - the musical track of the festival, with original music performances by Assaf Amdursky, the electro-pop project 'Vulcaan Entertainment', the blues ensemble 'Black Bruises' (Ravid Kahlani and Uzi Ramirez) and Ella Daniel.

  • Launch of an issue of the online magazine "Harama" entitled "The Invention of Nature".

Festival directors and curators, Lee He Shulov and Rinat Edelstein have stated: "We are happy, tired, excited and proud to present you the Manofim Festival in the Coronavirus edition for 2020. Despite the extreme political and security situations prevailing throughout the city, we see the continued existence of the festival as a necessity - because even if the following sentence sounds like a battered cliché: in our view, culture is an essential part of the fabric of life. During this period. Any ticket purchased for any of the events will help support the artists participating in the festival who have been experiencing very difficult days over the past six months and will help to sustain the activities of the independent Manofim festival to ensure it's continuation in the years to come."

TICKETS: Purchase directly on the Festival's English and Hebrew website.



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