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  • Talma Gotteiner

Jerusalem: The International Jewish Festival for Contemporary Art

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Hi there!

This year's 4th International Jewish festival for Contemporary Art, initiated and produced by Theatre Company Jerusalem (TCJ), has attracted over a hundred artists.

Audiences will enjoy an exciting and dynamic program of international theatre, original Israeli productions, and debut shows, one time performances which will be seen exclusively at the festival, huge video art projections, musical performances, standup comedy and many surprises.

WHEN: 3 Dec 2019 – 10 Dec 2019

Mesilat Yesharim 18, Bet Mazia, Jerusalem

Artistic manager: Osnat Gispan

Jerusalem: The International Jewish festival for Contemporary Art

Photo Credit: Vadav Beran from the comedy "Madam Rubinstein"

Highlights of This Year’s Festiva

  • The opening performance of the festival is aworld premiere called “Rega Rega”, a performance of songs by Sasha Argov. It tells the story of the coming of age of a typical group of young Israelis. The piece was created by Shahaf Berger with Ronit Roland doing the Musical Arrangements.

  • The legendary musician, Dani Basan will give a rock and roll performance of the great hits of his iconic band TISLAM. Basan will share some of the stories behind the songs with the audience in this performance created especially for the festival.

  • The MORENTE FORTE theater from Brazil will present “HARD LOVE", a play by Moti Lerner that tells the story of a Haredi couple Hana and Tzvi who suffered a traumatic divorce after Tzvi’s decision to leave the Haredi world. A forced meeting twenty years later rekindles the love and passion that has not faded.

  • An Israeli premiere of the show "Madam Rubinstein" from Prague, Czech Republic. It's a sparkling comedy about the names and faces behind the glamorous world and cosmetic empires of two successful yet rival women Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden. Produced by STUDIO DVA DIVALDO PRODUCE.

  • A unique immersive musical phenomenon awaits the audience who will attend “MESIAH IN A NEW LIGHT”. Over 35 singers musicians and dancers will present the musical masterpiece Handel’s Messiah in a revolutionary setting. The choir will sing moving in and amongst the audience who will also be encouraged to move and dance. A magically lit space and many surprises will make this a one- time -only event, an experience you are unlikely to forget.

  • Maggie Hikari, musician and singer in a musical and visual collage of Middle East swag and Arab drum beats.

  • Another Israeli premiere with audience participation is “Acharai Hapitzutz (After the Explosion)”. This experimental performance examines the dissolution of individual identity in the 21st century. The audience is invited to wear comfortable clothes and open their minds for a unique ritual experience.

For the Whole Family

  • Following a successful world tour the Nadine Baumer dance group will perform a satire on soccer and all that surrounds it.

  • “Ner Katan (Small Candle)” , a new show of musical blues and Hassidic Tales by Professor Zeev Kitchis and the Lublin Blues band.

Also in the Festival

  • Hadar Galron in her commended original comedy show “Shrika (Whistle)”.

  • A kabalat Shabbat by the famous Yoseph Veehad band.

  • A premiere of the THEO-Tron group.

  • A unique musical evening with the virtuoso cellist Maya Belsitzman, musician Matan Efrat and special guest Daniel Zamir combining cello and drums in an evening of fusion.

Osnat Gispan, Festival Director has provided a few words. "I am very excited about this, our fourth annual festival and invite you, our audience, to celebrate with us. Five years ago we conceived of a festival which would encourage dialogue between the religious and secular through the performing arts. A festival which would present a wide range of voices, styles and mediums, some classical and conservative and some cutting edge and proactive. This year we have an eight day artistic festival crammed with exciting events and performers. Each performance tells a different story and raises relevant questions of the Israeli- Jewish identity. In the diaspora our identity was either Jewish or non-Jewish but here in Israel we make differentiations: secular, religious, lightly religious, "Hardalim". In the festival, each artist comes to tell their own story. The festival is meant for all groups and sectors and I am sure that everyone will find something of interest and meaning.”

About Theatre Company Jerusalem

Theatre Company Jerusalem (TCJ) founded by present artistic director Gabriella Lev, aspires to create a contemporary theatre of excellence rooted in ancient Hebrew and contemporary Israeli writing and song.

TCJ created the festival in order to foster interdisciplinary artistic dialogue and exchange between all the performing arts: theatre, music, dance, film, videoart, literature, and an audience that will enjoy a heartwarming opportunity to be carried away, to reflect and to enjoy!

TICKETS: Full Festival Program and Tickets: Phone 02-6244584-6 or on Festival Hebrew Website Phone *6226 or on Bimot English Website

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Best, Talma

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