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Kamea Dance Company: 20th Anniversary Celebrations

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In June and July 2023, the Kamea Dance Company will celebrate 20 years of activity, after debuting in May 2002 at the Suzanne Dellal Centre with the "Secret Garden" show.

The 20th-anniversary events will be marked by a 3-day celebration at the Suzanne Dellal Center including three performances by the company demonstrating different models of unique dance work, dance lessons, a master class with Tamir Ginz, and a panel launching the book "LIKE A PHOENIX: The Story of the Kamea Dance Company" moderated by Dr. Yonat Rotman.

Kamea Dance Company: 20th Anniversary Celebrations
Credit: Matthäus-Passion-2727 by photographer Carlos Alvar


  • Performances on June 14th (Legends), June 30th (Wild Awake ) and July 1st (Matthäus-Passion-2727)

  • Book launch panel on June 30th at 12:00

The Kamea Dance Company will open their 3-day 20th-anniversary celebrations at the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre with Tamir Ginz's new work "Wild Awake" – a surreal personal fantasy that wanders through moments of happiness, visions of unfulfilled desires, echoes of memories and loves. Tamir Ginz's new work stemmed from a yearning to embark on an adventure of escapism, governed by a conscious stream of thought, into realms of optimism.

In the midst of the festivities, two performances of Ginz's work, "Matthäus-Passion-2727" – a great international success from the company's repertoire, will be staged to the sounds of J.S. Bach's known work, "Matthäus-Passion".

Lastly, the performance "LEGENDS" is a show that combines works from the world's greatest choreographers: Marco Goecke's (Germany) "THIN SKIN" and Johan Inger's (Sweden) "RAIN DOGS". The legendary rock music of Tom Waits and Patti Smith serves as a common rhythmic background for brilliant choreography and virtuosity derived from two completely different worlds of content.

Alongside the performances, the company is inviting Israeli dancers to participate in workshops and lessons, including a master class with Tamir Ginz and the dancers, contemporary dance lessons, classical ballet, and an academic panel open to the general public on the occasion of the launching of the book "LIKE A PHOENIX", the story of the dance company, by Dr. Yonat Rotman, who will moderate a panel sharing her research process and leading a discussion about the band, in which you can ask everything you wanted to know so far.

The Kamea Dance Company, the luck charm of Israeli dance, is very successful worldwide. The company's works provide a stage for powerful virtuosity alongside the personal expression of the dancers and invite viewers to a fascinating experience. Tamir Ginz, the company's artistic director, founder, and choreographer, creates works that form the central axis of the company's repertoire. In his works, a world rich in layers is woven on stage. Ginz's dramatic movement language is full of images and challenges the dancers' abilities. Kamea is home to 24 dancers, Israelis alongside dancers from around the world, who contribute their talent to the creative process and bring an exciting and sweeping performance to the stage.



Kamea Dance Company

LEGENDS | June 14 | 20:30

Wild Awake | June 30th | 14:30

Matthäus-Passion-2727 | July 1st | 21:30

All shows will take place at the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre, Tel Aviv

Ticket prices: 140-160 NIS

To purchase tickets call: *9300



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