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  • Talma Gotteiner

Kfar Yona: PHOTO IS:RAEL's International Photography Festival in Wandering Format

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Hi there,

This year PHOTO IS:RAEL's International Photography Festival, has changed its format to that of a wandering festival and Kfar Yona is the first city to host it. The arrival of the festival in different cities and towns will provide everyone with an equal opportunity to be exposed to the art and language of photography and also to take part and make their voices heard.

As part of the local festival, Kfar Yona will present the best exhibitions of the international photography festival that was launched in Kikar HaMedina, Tel Aviv in November 2020. In addition, there will be several local exhibitions of amateur and professional photographers and students from various educational frameworks in the city, from kindergarten to high school.

WHEN: Feb 22, 2021 - Mar 2, 2021

WHERE: Atid School, 33 Dan Street, Kfar Yona

Kfar Yona: PHOTO IS:RAEL's International Photography Festival in Wandering Format
Credit: Roni Kiperman. Photo of a local exhibition.

The exhibitions will deal with the same theme of "Change / Transformation" as the one that took place in Nov 2020, adding a personal interpretation from the residents of Kfar Yona.

The corona pandemic has posed several social and economic challenges especially in the field of culture. In response to the restrictions, the organizers have developed a new safe, traveling, accessible and free photography festival format for the public. Over 80,000 visitors came to the festival, which was launched on November 9, 2020 in Tel Aviv as a huge outdoor exhibition in the urban space.

The festival has long since become a well-known and well-known art institution that receives tens of thousands of visitors every year.

At each center where the festival will be hosted, local artists and photographers aside from the exhibitions there will be lectures, artist talks and workshops. There will be social activities related to photography alongside special events for the public that invite everyone to participate such as the photo marathon, which thanks to the smartphones are more available to all than ever.

The mayor of Kfar Yona, Shoshi Kahlon Kidor has stated: "Kfar Yona is proud to be the first city to host the photography festival and serves as a welcoming site that promotes dialogue between art and community. After a difficult year for Israeli culture, we are happy to restart cultural creation and work, and hope that this festival will be the first swallow for the return of cultural events to normal both in the city and across the country."

PHOTO IS:RAEL is a public benefit and non-profit company. The company was established to realize the company's vision: "for a better society in the language of photography" - for social action, creating dialogue, research and turning the spotlight on artistic and social issues through the language of photography.

The festival is a highlight of PHOTO IS:RAEL's annual activity. The photography exhibitions will be open to the general public for 11 days, 24 hours a day, while following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.



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