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  • Talma Gotteiner

Marc Martel: The Ultimate Queen Celebration

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Hi there!

In light of the great success, audience demand and superb critiques, Marc Martel is returning to Israel with his band for a single performance of 'The Ultimate Queen Celebration'.

WHEN: March 21st, 2020 - Saturday - Hangar 11 Tel Aviv at 21:00

Marc Martel: The Ultimate Queen Celebration

Photo credit: Alon Levin

Singer, Piano, Keyboards, Acoustic guitar: Marc Martel

Music Director, Keyboards and Accompanying Vocals: Brandon Ethridge

Electric Guitar and Vocal Accompaniment: Tristan Avakian

Drums and Accompaniment: Jason Gianni

Bass Guitar and Vocal Accompaniment: Cohen Mike

Electric Guitar and Vocal Accompaniment: Cohen Angus Clark

Producer in Israel: Progstage Productions

Marc Martel, the one responsible for the vocal performance behind the cinematic masterpiece "Bohemian Rhapsody", representing the voice of the late Freddie Mercury, has been acclaimed during his worldwide performances.

Ever since the film came out, he has been featured on popular TV shows, in one of which caused Celine Dion, a longtime fan of Queen, to cry with excitement and respond in amazement at the similarity of his voice. Ever since, Dion became a big fan and a close friend of Martel.

Thanks to the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody", released in 2018, the theme song became a phenomenal success and crossed the billion views on YouTube last July.

Due to the impact of the film, the songs of the legendary Queen band have also been embraced by younger generations.

Marc Martel, just 42, a native of Quebec, Canada, attended an audition for drummer Roger Taylor's cover band about 8 years ago. His performance on 'Somebody to Love' demonstrated how much he can sing like the mythological Mercury - and the rest is history.

Marc Martel is continuing to conquer the world with a long series of sold-out performances, leaving behind the anthemic experience forever engraved and a large fan audience.

Singer Marc Martel will only appear in Israel on March 21, 2020, "The Ultimate Queen's Celebration" for the 75th Anniversary of Mercury's Rock 'n' Roll Full Concert that included hit after hit:

Somebody To Love | Love Of My Life | Ave Maria | Nessun Dorma| We Will Rock You | Radio Ga Ga | Rhapsody Bohemian & more | Don't Stop Me Now | We Are The Champions


Ticket Prices: 279 - 419 NIS - depending on the seat.

Get a 15% Discount Code on the 'Members Only' page. (If you aren't a member, you'll be directed to subscribe).

Purchase tickets on the Hebrew Website

Phone - *5169



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