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  • Talma Gotteiner

Mayumana: Presenting "Garage Six"

Hi there,

Mayumana - one of the most familiar Israeli ensembles around the world due to its appearances before millions of people over the past 20 years, has refreshed itself in a one of a kind, super energetic appearance that will kindle your zest to dance. Mayumana, in cooperation with LIVE NATION Israel – the Bluestone Group –Shai Mor Yosef and Guy Beser are proud to present: "GARAGE SIX".

WHEN: June 2019 at the Reading 3 stage, Tel-Aviv Port.

Lior Keter

The "GARAGE 6IX" performance will feature the new members of the ensemble – Mayumana'a new generation. A young and vibrant group, each of whom is excellently multi-talented as a singer, dancer, musician and actor. When they are together on the stage, the audience gets a special energetic experience to which no one can remain indifferent.

In order to produce the show, for the first time, Mayumana has joined forces with the production companies Bluestone and LIVE NATION owned by Guy Beser and Shai Mor Yosef (who brought Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses One Republic, the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias and many others to Israel).

Mayumana has performed on the most famous stages around the world and has collaborated with famous names such as Lorraine Hill, Bobby McFerrin and Tiesto as well as with Israeli artists such as Infected Mushroom, David Broza and the Israel Ballet.

Currently, the artistic director, Boaz Berman, one of the founders of the original ensemble, leads the ensemble together with Jerry Berman.

In the crazy performance that is entirely dancing, acting and singing, Mayumana takes you through an exciting plot presented through great hits, with a special twist that only Mayumana knows how to present. The result – songs that you have liked as you have never seen or heard them before, include:

Take on Me, Susanna, Hey Ya, Thunder, Creep, Counting Stars, Should I Stay or Should I Go, We went to Dance and more

"For Mayumana, the whole world is a stage, even a garage. In GARAGE SIX the renovated Reading 3 concert hall is converted into a garage in which the members of the ensemble, mechanics meet every morning. They come to work but, at heart, they have one dream – to become a successful ensemble.

Each of them has a special talent, and together they sing and dream when the pipes serve as trumpets and the bumpers as drums. However, when success finally comes, the true test arises. Through the hit songs and the scenes that include laughter, rhythm, suspense, drama and love, Mayumana takes the audience with it on a journey beyond fame…".

Lior Keter

Creators and Artistic Directors: Boaz Berman & Geri Berman

Actors: Hedya Tahar – "Girl" &"Susanna" Daniel Azulay – "Bossman"& MC Omri fils – "Nitro" Yuval Shmueli – "Jack" Amit Magnazi – "Magnezium" Or Taragan – "Haamer" Guy Hadad – "Haamer"

Musical Director and Adaptation: Boaz Berman

Set Design: Shani Tur

Video: Studio Pixel

Sound: Itzik Fried

Technical Management: Roy "Junior" Milo

Lighting: Itamar Huri

Voice Training: Michal Cohen

Costume Design: Sharon Sharvit

Concept: Boaz Berman, Geri Berman

Artistic consultant: David Ottone

TICKETS: The show will be go on in June 2019 at the Reading 3 stage in Tel-Aviv Port, which will host the show throughout the summer, and immediately afterwards will travel to Europe.

Ticket prices: from 129 NIS

Ticket purchasing: Phone *9964 or on the English Website

Best, Talma

Photography Credit: Lior Keter

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