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  • Talma Gotteiner

Mitzpe Ramon: Intimidbar Festival 2022

Hi there,

Intimidbar, the traditional annual music festival of Mitzpe Ramon will be held for the 9th time this year in the Spice Route Quarter in town. Intimidbar is a musical event in a groovy desert atmosphere that brings together well-known artists with local artists from Mitzpe Ramon. This year the festival will host the most talked about artist of the period - Nuno and also Narkis.

In addition, there will be performances by the Quarter to Africa, Marsh Dondurma, Malabi Tropical, Gute Gute bands and more. As part of the festival, the picturesque Spice Route Quarter will be closed to traffic and and you'll be able to walk arount, enjoy in its pubs and places of entertainment, performances of the local bands, street performances, beer, wines from the Negev and in general soak in the terrific atmosphere.

WHEN: September 14-16, 2022

Mitzpe Ramon: Intimidbar Festival 2022
Credit: Guy Terpel

The Negev Mountain Tourism Partnership has stated: "The festival will open during the transition between summer and fall when the squill and colchicum begin to blossom and decorate the desert. Many travelers frequented the area this summer and we are excited to open the season for those who have fallen in love with the desert in recent years. While in the center of the country the humidity and heat continue during the evenings, the weather in the Negev Mountains will be cool and pleasant. The traditional "Intimidbar" festival provides an opportunity to expose the local culture, artistic work and the desert inspiration that Mitzpe Ramon is proud of."

Festival Events

Wednesday, Sept 14th

18:30 - Marsh Dondurma opens the festival with a parade and a street party

19:45 - The group Lior Shir-Ran Trio performing at the Ibex Hotel's garden and a solo performance by cellist Maya Beitner "My Strings" at Cafe Gina

20:15 - A street circus show

21:00 - The singer Narkis performing on the main stage

22:15 – original music by Shmulik Kraut and Slavery at the HaBereh pub, and a performance by the Amazonite trio with special instruments backstage.

Thursday, Sept 15th

18:30 - Teftir 2000, a show that brings together elements from different worlds of music

19:45 - Noa May in a show of original songs at the Ibex Hotel's garden and an intimate talk show by 'A Wrinkle in Time' at Cafe Gina

20:15 - A light and sound circus show in the outdoor square

21:00 - 'Quarter to Africa' in concert on the main stage

22:15 – From the depths of the desert to the mists of time at the HaBereh pub and a dialogue between two classical guitars backstage

Friday, Sept 16th

18:30 - Gute Gute on an open stage

19:45 - Noga Lev with original songs on the piano at Cafe Gina, The 'Wood Wind' trio with woodwind instruments in the Ibex Hotel's garden and music and dance at the Merhav Studio

21:00 'Nuno' in concert on the main stage

22:00 - A duet show of original music with a variety of instruments on the backstage with 'Mogi and Frij' and a band at the HaBereh pub


Performances by Narkis, Quarter to Africa and Nuno will be held at a subsidized cost of 20-40 NIS per performance.

The rest of the performances are free of charge.

More information and ticket purchasing are available on the festival's page.



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