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MustonenFest Tallinn-Tel Aviv 2023

Hi there,

The 10th edition of the Estonian-Israeli festival proudly presents young rising stars from Estonia to the Israeli audience and brings together Estonian and Israeli musicians. Together, they will perform classical and contemporary, jazz, and oriental music in various programs all over Israel.

In honor of the decade celebrations, in addition to the concert halls, there will be performances in museums, churches, and other alternative spaces. The shows and concerts will be held all over Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Haifa, Acre, Zikrhon, and more.

New venues this year include Studio Anette in Tel Aviv and the Conservatory of Akko!

The upcoming festival will take the audience on a musical journey throughout the centuries, starting from Händel, Bach, and early opera, then Mendelssohn, Enescu, Bloch, and Eller to contemporary composers such as Uusberg, Grigorieva, Heba Sadran and Rony Ginossar, in a traditional but also very untraditional way.

Last, but not least, another celebration of the decade includes several free concerts and shows for the general public!

Founder and artistic director: Andres Mustonen

Guests from Estonia:

Chamber choir Collegium Musicale (conductor Endrik Üksvärav) | Girls’ Choir of Tallinn School of Music and Ballet MUBA (conductor Ingrid Kõrvits) | young soloists Tähe-Lee Liiv (piano) | Hans Christian Aavik (violin)

Karolina Aavik (piano) | young orchestra conductor Henri Christofer Aavik | Kädy Plaas | Anto Õnnis | Jaak Sooäär (guitar, composer) | Taavo Remmel (bass, composer) | Ivo Sillamaa (piano) | ensemble Hortus Musicus | artistic director and conductor Andres Mustonen.

Participants from Israel:

Israel Camerata orchestra with Avner Biron | baroque collective Barrocada | ensemble Tel Aviv Soloists, Bat Kol choir and their conductor Anat Morahg | Moran choir | Gil Shohat (piano) | Nissam Lugasi (tradition singing), Niri Sadeh (nai) | Rony Ginossar (composer, pianist, singer).

MustonenFest Tallinn-Tel Aviv 2023
Credit: Barrocade Ensemble by Yoel Levy

WHEN: Feb 8th – March 12th


Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day

Uusberg “Muusika”

Pärt Bogoróditse Djévo

Telemann Concerto for three trumpets and timpani

Handel Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day

Barrocade Ensemble

Moran Choir, Musical director: Naomi Faran, Conductor: Tom Karni

Einat Aronstein, Soprano

Eitan Drori, Tenor

Andres Mustonen, conductor

  • Wednesday, 8.2.23 • 20:00 Reccanati Hall, TLV Museum of Art | 03-6077070

  • Thursday, 9.2.23 • 20:00 Weil Auditorium, Kfar Shmaryahu | 09-9569430

  • Friday, 10.2.23 • 12:00 The Yitzhak Rabin Center, Tel Aviv | 09-8851521

  • Saturday, 11.2.23 • 20:00 Rappaport Auditorium, Haifa | 04-8353506

Rising Stars

Young Estonian rising stars perform music by young Mendelssohn and contemporary young Israeli Heba Sadran

Mendelssohn Concertos for piano, violin

Heba Sadran Above

The Israel Camerata Jerusalem

Hans-Christian Aavik, violin

Tähe-Lee Liiv, piano

Henri Christofer Aavik, conductor

  • Friday, 10.02.23 • 12:00 Jerusalem YMCA

  • Saturday, 11.02.23 • 20:00 Reccanati Hall, TLV Museum of Art

  • | Tickets: 02-5020503

New Harmony

Chamber music celebration with young Estonian virtuosi

Music by Bach, Pärt, Eller, Bloch, Enescu

Tähe-Lee Liiv, piano

Duo Hans-Christian Aavik, violin | Karolina Aavik, piano

  • Monday, 13.02.23 • 20:00 Studio Annette, Tel Aviv, Tickets 03-6201185

Strings of Passion

Two music giants in Summits’ air: violinist and international conductor Andres Mustonen and the famed composer, conductor, and pianist Gil Shohat

Music by Pärt, Bach-Schumann, Mozart, Ravel, Brahms

Gil Shohat, piano

Andres Mustonen, violin

  • Friday, 17.02.23 • 13:00 Asia Hall, TLV Museum of Art

  • Saturday, 18.02.23 • 21:30 Elma Arts center, Zichron Yaakov | *9080

Bach's Great Mass

The monumental Masterpiece by Bach, with the heavenly voices of the acclaimed Estonian choir Collegium Musicale

Israel Camerata

Collegium Musicale (Estonia)

Hasnaa Bennani, soprano

Oded Reich, baritone

Maarten Engeltjes, countertenor

Thomas Hobbs, tenor

Avner Biron, conductor

  • ​Sunday, 19.02.23 • 20:00 Henry Crown Hall, Jerusalem

  • Monday, 20.02.23 • 20:00 The Opera House, Tel-Aviv

  • | Tickets: 02-5020503

Evening Pearls

The audience's favorite choir ​Collegium Musicale Tallinn with the best of Estonian choir music

​Collegium Musicale Tallinn (Estonia)

Endrik Üksvärav, conductor

Andres Mustonen, violin

  • ​Friday, 17.02.23 • 20:30 The Israel Conservatory of Music, Louis Marshall St. 25 Tel Aviv | 03-5466228

  • Tuesday, 21.02.23 • 20:00 Akko Conservatory | Tickets: 04-9956152

Girls Together


Estonian Girls’ Choir MUBA gathering Israeli Bat Kol girls’ choir with an abundant repertoire

Bat Kol girls’ choir, conductor Anat Morahg

Girls’ Choir of Tallinn School of Music and Ballet (MUBA), conductor Ingrid Kõrvits

  • Thursday, 02.03.23 • 20:00 The Israel Conservatory of Music, Louis Marshall St 25 Tel Aviv Free Entrance

Peace upon you, Jerusalem!


The best of spiritual choir music, including Arvo Pärt

Girls’ Choir of Tallinn School of Music and Ballet (MUBA)

Ingrid Kõrvits, conductor

  • Friday, 03.03.23 • 13:00 Christ Church, Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem Free Entrance

Bach Wearing Jazz

A unique collaboration between Roni Ginossar and Estonian guitar artist Jaak Sooäär and double bass player Taavo Remmel

Rony Ginossar, piano, singer,composer

Jaak Sooäär, electric guitar, composer

Taavo Remmel, double bass, composer

Rinat Avisar, double bass

  • Friday, 03.03.23 • 21:00 Beit HaYotzer, Hangar 22, Tel Aviv

All Around Bach

Bach's Violin concerto was arranged for electric guitar and piano, and Estonian composer Cyrillus Kreek

Girls’ Choir of Tallinn School of Music and Ballet (MUBA)

Jaak Sooäär, electric guitar

Ivo Sillamaa, piano, organ

Ingrid Kõrvits, conductor

  • Sunday, 05.03.23 • 14:15 Hecht Hall, Eshkol Tower, Haifa University Free Entrance

A Multicolor Musical Garden

Music from and around medieval Europe

Hortus Musicus

Nissim Lugasi, traditional singer

Niri Sadeh, nai, singer

Andres Mustonen, artistic leader, and conductor

  • Tuesday, 07.03.23 • 20:00 Studio Annette, Tel Aviv | Tickets: 03-6201185

  • Thursday, 09.03.23 • 20:00 The Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem

In the Footsteps of Jesus

Schütz, Monteverdi, Tulve, Pärt

Hortus Musicus ensemble

Andres Mustonen, artistic leader, and conductor

  • Wednesday, 08.03.23 • 20:00 Anglican Church, Nazareth | Tickets: *6119

Celebration of Early Opera

Lully Le Bourgeois gentilhomme

Purcell The Fairy Queen

Music by Rameau and Charpentier‏

Tel-Aviv Soloists Ensemble

Kädy Plaas, Soprano (Estonia)

Anto Õnnis, tenor (Estonia)

Andres Mustonen, Violin, conductor

  • Saturday, 11.03.23 • 20:30 Rappaport Hall, Haifa

  • Sunday, 12.03.23 • 20:30 The Israel Conservatory of Music, Louis Marshall St 25 Tel Aviv



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