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  • Talma Gotteiner

Nachum Gutman: Lithographs on Sale

Hi there,

In case you've never been to the Nachum Gutman Museum of Art, you should read my previous post about the free English guided tours that normally take place when there is no lockdown.

Now, on the occasion of the new civil year, the museum is holding a sale on selected lithographs by the artist Nachum Gutman with a 20% discount.

Nachum Gutman: Lithographs on Sale
Photography Credit: Ran Arda

The lithographs are part of a series, curated by his son, Hemi Gutman, and includes 42 paintings, 1,000 copies of each painting. Each copy is printed in a size of 55 × 40 cm on high-quality Arches paper and bears the artist's signature and a certificate stamped with the estate's stamp.

In the introduction to the body of works, Hemi Gutman wrote: "In this album, I have collected forty-two of Nahum Gutman's photos , a little that embodies what his eye surveyed and loved. In this selection you can find events and landscapes perceived by the eyes of a boy and captured by the hand of an artist, at the beginning of his career. In contrast, there are childhood experiences that matured with him for several years taking on expression and form before fading from memory. In addition to these paintings, the collection also includes spontaneous images, such as those painted on the spot, reflecting the immediate surroundings of the wind in the olive trees, the salty air of the beach and the breath of the children watching from behind. These images are a cross-section of the diversity of Nahum Gutman's work with one theme - love - for us, the people and the state established in his time.


Each lithograph will be sold at 368 NIS instead of 460 NIS.

The promotion is valid until Feb 1, 2021.

Purchasing is available through the online store on the museum's website. You will see the discount after you check out and view the cart.



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