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  • Talma Gotteiner

Nassima-Landau: Two Solo Spring Exhibitions

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Hi there,

If you remember, last November I wrote about the "Nassima Landau" project, a new and ambitious platform that aims to empower and impact the Tel Aviv contemporary art scene, by showcasing emerging and established International artists.

Now, the art space is opening the spring of 2021 with two solo exhibitions for two contemporary American artists exhibiting for the first time in Israel. The first, of Raffi Kalenderian known for his colorful and dynamic portraits and intuitive and expressive qualities. In parallel with the Kalenderian exhibition, Nassima-Landau is launching an Introduction Series, in which an intriguing selection of exhibitions of promising young artists from Israel and the world will be presented. The first exhibition in the series is a solo exhibition of artist Kevin Specht.

WHEN: Raffi Kalenderian - March 7-26, 2021 , Kevin Specht - March 7, 2021 - April 14, 2021

Nassima-Landau: Two Solo Spring Exhibitions
Photo Credit: Courtesy of the artists. Two left - Kevin Specht , Two right - Raffi Kalenderian

Raffi Kalenderian (b. 1981, Los Angeles, CA) is a young and promising artist, a graduate of the University of California based in Los Angeles. Kalenderian is known for his two-dimensional, vibrant and colorful portraits. He captures lightly a moment in time, depicting a complex and complete psychological structure. His individual characters are immersed in a patterned environment designed in color, which absorbs them and at the same time isolates them. He describes his paintings as "a great way of slowing things down. The painting becomes, among other things, a record of the present period, a record of existence."

Kalenderian's works can be found in the 'Saatchi' collection, LACMA and a variety of public and private collections in Europe and the USA.

Kevin Specht (b. 1983, Minneapolis, Minnesota), explores human relationships with reference to authority, nature, reality and cosmic forces. His works move on the line between realism and partial abstraction, in order to create a magical, hallucinatory and sometimes even unrealistic quality experience. Specht uses acrylic, oil, pastel and gouache paints to freely recreate, inspirations taken from photography, film, literature and most importantly, from his extreme imagination.

WHERE: Nassima-Landau 55 Ahad Ha’am street – Tel Aviv, Israel

OPEN: Monday-Thursday 10:30-18:00, Friday 10:30-14:30



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