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  • Talma Gotteiner

New Tasty Vegan Products

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Hi there,

Two new vegan foods are on the market in Israel, perfect for those seeking dairy substitutes whether due to health considerations or as a kosher parve solution. The review includes:

  • 'Yo'ridge' - a vegan yogurt-porridge by 'Yofix'

  • Vegan Butter by 'Mashu Mashu'

Yo'ridge - A Vegan Yogurt-Porridge by 'Yofix'

The award-winning Israeli start-up company 'Yofix' that develops plant-based milk substitutes, has recently developed a new probiotic vegan yogurt series for the British market, under the THE REAL FOODISTS - YO'RIDGE brand. In light of its success, it is now being launched in the retail chains in Israel as well. The YO'RIDGE brand is a new series of plant-based yogurts with pieces of oatmeal, achieving a combined texture of yoghurt and porridge. It is produced only from the highest quality ingredients and does not contain white sugar, stabilizers, preservatives and food coloring. The YO'RIDGE series contains probiotic bacteria similar to dairy yogurts as well as a high percentage of fruit. The yogurt base is made of 4 ingredients - coconut, sesame, oats and lentils. The products in the series are characterized by a slightly thicker texture and contain pieces of oatmeal, thus constituting a perfect solution for a snack or a light and nutritious breakfast.

The YO'RIDGE series includes 3 flavors: maple banana and cocoa beans, cranberry apple and cinnamon, and raspberry blueberries and black currants. One of the unique characteristics of the product is that it has whole soft pieces of oatmeal which gives them a unique texture and helps the product be rich and nutritious. YO'RIDGE is a CLEAN LABEL product, based on grains whose growth is sustainable. The series will be marketed in the GREEN branches of the Shufersal chain.

Yofix is an Israeli start-up company initiated and developed by Ronen Lavie, the first of the Strauss Group's THE KITCHEN incubator projects. The company has a unique technology and manufactures its products at the company's factory in Netivot. It has recently started exporting the YO'RIDGE series to the British market under the brand THE REAL FOODISTS and they are initially sold in about 80 convenience stores and in nature and health stores in London. In light of the good reception, the product will also be sold in the major food chains in the UK.

PRICE: 6.90 NIS per unit weighing 125 grams.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Parve under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

New Tasty Vegan Products
Credit: Hagit Goren

Vegan Butter by 'Mashu Mashu'

The 'Mashu Mashu' vegan cheese brand is launching a new and revolutionary vegan spread, the first of its kind: a fat-reduced butter-flavored spread based on coconut oil. Vegan butter is made from only plant ingredients, without milk, cholesterol, soy or preservatives. The level of fat in the "Mashu Mashu" butter-flavored spread is about half the level of fat in regular butter and butter spreads and the taste is wonderful! The butter spread contains a high amount of calcium, is free of trans fat and is free of the allergens associated with dairy products. While all butter products contain 70% fat or more, "Mashu Mashu" butter spread contains only 35% fat as well as about half the amount of calories relative to equivalent products on the market including regular butter.

The butter is wonderful for use in sandwiches, toasts, and is also suitable for use in cooking and baking a variety of sweet and savory recipes for any meal.

Yael Dror, Clinical and Physiological Dietitian, M.Sc, explains: "Incorporating butter in the menu feels like a sin to many people. They enjoy the taste but do not feel comfortable with the nutritional values. Saturated fatty acids derived from milk. These are a problematic source of saturated fat and studies over the years have even shown a link between it and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, many people give up the pleasure of incorporating butter into their daily diet. The innovation of 'Mashu Mashu' enables to maintain a healthy menu without sacrificing the partaking of butter from time to time. It is a butter-flavored spread that is completely vegan and has better nutritional values ​​than all the butter substitutes currently on the market."

According to her, the coconut oil that serves as the source of the fat in Mashu Mashu's butter-flavored spread is considered a saturated vegetable fat that contributes to health. The spread contains the significantly lower percentage of fat than butter and other butter-flavored spreads currently on the market. The product has no added sugar and has a very low amount of carbohydrates (3.5 grams per 100 grams). It also has the added value of dietary fiber. It should be noted that the spread does not have a red warning label related high sodium! Another advantage of the butter-flavored spread is the high amount of calcium. In 100 grams of product there is over 70% of the recommended daily amount of calcium for an adult!

The vegan butter spread is a new addition to Mashu Mashu's series of vegan cream cheese substitutes and vegan yellow cheeses such as the vegan parmesan cheese that I've written about previously. The new product can be purchased at the marketing chains and select nature stores.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher Parve under the supervision of the Badatz Edah Haredit Jerusalem.

Price: 13.90 NIS for a package weighing 150 grams.

New Tasty Vegan Products
Credit: Sell360pro



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