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Noor: A Contemporary Dance Creation

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

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"NOOR" "is a work for six dancers and musicians created by Tamar Borer and Tom Klein. "NOOR" is a journey of spreading from shells, and a search for the initial breath, of the beginning of movement and sound.

The show opens with a surrealistic spectacle of hybrid creatures moving over a black and gaping abyss. Music emanates from an explosion that leaves behind a thin horizon - one sound made up of different layers, embodying a Chinese philosophical principle: the individual carries the mass on its back, and the mass - carries within it the individual. The splitting of the sound gives rise to different forms of life. The dancers bury, hug and lift each other, dedicate themselves to a gentle and powerful movement, support each other, and move with the subtle frequencies of the music to a harmonious, coordinated and simple movement. The work draws its inspiration from two sources: "Works of the Chariot" which appears in the Book of Ezekiel, in which an invisible world is revealed before the Prophet and the "Dào dé Jīng - Book of the Way" by Lao Tzu - one of the most important Chinese philosophers.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 and Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 21:00

WHERE: "HaTeiva" Hall, 19 Jerusalem Blvd., Tel-Aviv-Yafo

Noor: A Contemporary Dance Creation
Credit: Tamar Lamm

Choreography, direction, stage design and accessories: Tamar Borer Musical Direction, Composing, and Sound Design: Tom Klein | Dancers: Yochai Ginton, Carmel Ben Asher, Tamar Borer | Musicians: Bar Eran: no-imput mixer, vocals, percussion. Nitai Levi: Bass Clarinet. Tom Klein: Cello. Pallet Stages: Zamir Havkin. Lighting Design: Tamar Or | Lighting: Danny Williamson | Graphic design: JEWBOY | Bull's Mask: Ella Cohen Bilu | Abyss: Kfir Shabat, Moshe Roas

Tamar Borer is a multidisciplinary artist and choreographer who creates and performs in Israel and around the world, and whose work has won critical acclaim. She studied at the American Ballet Theater in New York, modern dance and art with Rena Sheinfeld, Balinese dance in Indonesia, trance dance in Mexico, and Butoh dance with Kazuo Ohno, the founder of the style, in Japan. In 1990 she had a car accident that left her paralyzed in both legs. However, Borer continued to create, perform and teach, and has won awards in Israel and around the world. Her works have appeared in several dance festivals, including the "Haramat Masach Festival" in Israel, the International Dance Festival in Montpellier, the "Cross Over Festival" in Italy and more. Her work often deals with philosophical observations of human consciousness and human rights in which she collaborates with artists from diverse fields: literature, cinema, music and the plastic arts. In parallel to the artistic endeavor, Borer holds meetings for the empowerment of vulnerable populations: battered women, the disabled, the mentally handicapped and more. In addition, she treats hospitalized patients with pain syndromes by guided imagery. Tamar teaches Butoh dance workshops for dancers, artists and art therapists, and guides master's degree students in dance in various academies and settings.

Tom Klein is a cellist, music producer and teacher, winner of awards and scholarships from the Sharett Foundation, the Siday Fellowship, and the Mifal HaPais Council. He appears in Israel and around the world as a player and creator. Klein is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and Muzik College of Sound and Production, and a student of Prof. Shmuel Magen, and of the Israel Prize winners, Professors Andre Haido and Arik Shapira. In Israel, his works have been exhibited at the Pecha Kucha Festival, the Mekudeshet Festival, the Dance at Mazia and more.


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