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Orphaned Land & Symphony

Hi there,

The successful Israeli oriental metal band ORPHANED LAND that is also the most successful Israeli band in the world, is celebrating three decades of existence, in a unique show of its kind. For the first time in Israel, the Metal Band will hold a performance accompanied by a 45-member orchestra, the Chamber Opera Orchestra. The show is a single event and will be recorded for the live album live.

WHEN: Thursday, June 10, 2021 at the Charles Bronfman Auditorium (i.e. Heichal HaTarbut)

Orphaned Land & Symphony
Credit: Zohar Ron

The revolutionary band has performed in Israel and around the world, and precisely where the metal style was considered violent, extreme, full of hatred and dystopian, the band remained faithful throughout to messages of peace and mediation between all peoples regardless of nation and religion. Accordingly, the band's repertoire incorporates 'piyyutim' / hymns and verses from Bible and other jewish sources, the Koran and the New Testament. ORPHANED LAND dedicates much of its time to humanitarian work to bring hearts together between peoples and cultures.

The band's uniqueness is in combinations of rock and metal of all kinds with ethnic-oriental music, along with singing in Hebrew, English and Arabic. It has 9 successful albums and despite the few broadcasts on the Israeli radio, has a loyal audience in Israel and around the world from all religions, ages and countries. Their protest text illuminates people in the most oppressed places in the Middle East.

The band won the "Global Metal" award from the British magazine "Metal Hammer" in 2014. ORPHANED LAND was also recognized for their tireless contribution to mediation between people, and has accumulated three major international peace awards along the way. A metal band that receives peace awards is not only a rarity, it is no less than revolutionary.

Over the years, the band has collaborated with a variety of musicians from Israel and around the world, including Stephen Wilson songwriter of the 'Porcupine Tree' band who declared them one of the biggest metal bands across the globe. In their latest album they collaborated with of the guitarist of 'Genesis', Steve Hackett and in Israel with Yehuda Poliker (the band name is based on a line in his song 'These Eyes of Mine / Einayim Sheli'), Mira Awad, Kobi Aflalo, Yehuda Caesar and many more good ones.

The show will be part of a mini-festival 'Rock the Symphony' (details coming soon) produced by EGOeast, ICOO and Music Business Productions.


Ticket Price: 179 NIS

Tickets can be purchased through the Leean website or call center at *8780.



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