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  • Talma Gotteiner

Passover at the Sea of Galilee 2023

Hi there,

If your natural inclination lies more towards sailing, watercourses, and their habitats you'll enjoy the activities suggested below that will take place at the Sea of Galilee, termed 'Kinneret' in Hebrew.

WHEN: Passover, April 2023

Passover at the Sea of Galilee 2023
Credit: The Association of Kinneret Cities


The Association of Kinneret Cities and the Kinneret Drainage and Rivers Authority invite the general public to become researchers for a day, on a cruise on the "Floating Laboratory - Eco Kinneret", a ship on which sampling and measuring equipment are installed, demonstrating the work of maritime researchers.

During the guided cruise, passengers get to take samples of soil and water from the Kinneret, operate laboratory equipment, and discover the water world and the ecology of the Kinneret. After the voyage, the research results will be processed at the 'Beit Yigal Alon' center.

At the end of the activity, you can stay for the various activities at "Beit Yigal Alon". The display of "The Floating Laboratory" will be open at "Beit Yigal Alon" between 11:00 - 15:00.

When: Sunday and Monday 9-10.4.2023 at 12:00 and 13:30.

There is no possibility to wait for latecomers. The ship will leave on time! You must get to the place and buy tickets about half an hour before sailing.

Price: 30 NIS per person (uniform price for adults and children over the age of 3).

Registration: Through the website.


The Association of Kinneret Cities is inviting the public to come to the National Lake during Passover, to enjoy free guided tours along the 'Kinneret Circular Trail" which is full of spring blossoms, breathtaking views, and historical sites.

Sunday, April 9, 2023 – Sunset, Jungle, and View

The tour starts at "Beit Gabriel". From there you will take a bus to the banana plantations of Kibbutz Ma'agan. The tour will start by walking on the "Kinneret Circular Trail" through the "Israeli jungle" alongside magical views of the Kinneret. The tour will pass along the edge of Kibbutz Ma'agan and the Kinneret Academic College and will end back at "Beit Gabriel" before sunset, where anyone who wishes can top off the day with a hot drink at "Cafe Tarbut" on the Beit Gabriel complex overlooking the Kinneret.

When: 16:00 at the Beit Gabriel parking lot.

Route length: 2.5 km.

Tour duration: about two and a half hours.

Difficulty level: medium.

Monday, April 10, 2023 - Nature, Landscapes, People Around the Kinneret

The tour will start at "Beit Yigal Alon", from which a bus will take you to the "Amud Stream". You will walk along the Amud Stream's promenade, cross the stream and continue along the path through the magical scenery of the Kinneret. You will visit the grave of Yigal Alon in the cemetery of Kibbutz Ginosar, where you will hear the story of his life, and from which you will walk to "Beit Yigal Alon", where additional activities will take place.

Meeting: 10:00 at the parking lot of "Beit Yigal Alon".

Route length: 2.5 km.

Tour duration: about two hours

Difficulty level: easy, with a slight descent from the bank of the "Amud Stream" into the stream.



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