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  • Talma Gotteiner

Petah Tikva Cultural Hall: Unity Art House Exhibitions

Hi there,

The Unity Art House gallery is dedicating two new exhibitions to a world favorite beverage - Coffee!

Coffee is part of modern culture and is even a status symbol! Black coffee, Caffè Latte, Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino - whether Colombian, Italian, Arabica, Ethiopian - all types of coffee will meet in two extraordinary exhibitions that will open to the general public on September 5, at the Petah Tikva Cultural.

Both exhibitions will be open to the general public in line with the purple character guidelines and will be FREE OF CHARGE.

WHEN: 5 Sept 2020- 31 Oct 2020 at the Petah Tikva Hall of Culture

The official opening event will take place on Saturday evening Sept. 5th at 20:30.

Petah Tikva Cultural Hall: Unity Art House Exhibitions
Credit: Maria Preiger

The first exhibition, 'Dreams over a cup of coffee' will present a wide range of works dealing with the passion for coffee, secrets revealed over a cup of coffee, ideas born over a cup of coffee, romance, friendships and encounters in a cafè. With our relatives in these intimate moments and more. As part of the exhibition, the 'Unity-Art' gallery will present interpretations by artists in different techniques and styles. The exhibition will feature paintings, sculptures, photographs, wood and glass works.

The second exhibition 'Chronicles of Coffee' presents works by the artist Boris Bilis who created a whole new technique of painting with coffee. In the exhibition, the artist will reveal about 40 works from all stages of life all telling their story through coffee. In the exhibition, viewers will be exposed to a world of images, landscapes and figures.

Unity Art House is a community gallery of the non-profit Unity Art Association, whose goal is to help Israeli artists promote their works. The gallery hosts numerous exhibitions (group and individual), festivals and fairs, workshops for children and adults, fun days for companies and organizes various events.



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