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Piaf! The Show

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Sixty years after her death: the international French musical show "Piaf" about the life story of the legendary singer Edith Piaf wrapped in the setting and bohemian atmosphere of Paris at the beginning of the 20th century and the best chansons in the world are coming to Israel!

With over five hundred performances on stages around the world, sales of one million tickets, and flattering and glorifying reviews, the show "Piaf" conducted and directed by Gil Marsalla is coming to Israel on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the death of the voice and delivery that were and remain exclusive.

During the show, black and white photos and video footage will be projected on a screen with rare parts of Piaf's performances portraying significant events in her life and reviving her spirit.

La Vie en Rose | Non, Je ne regretta rien | Padam Padam | La Foule | Hymne A L'Amour | Milord | l'Accordéoniste

WHEN: April 2nd, 2023 at 21:00

Piaf! The Show
Credit: Directo productions

Nathalie Lermitte, a gifted French actress and singer who has been defined as a "legitimate musical heiress" embodies the character of Edith Piaf with amazing talent. With an endless passion for the French chansons and a powerful emotional voice that expresses the pain accompanied by an orchestra of six talented musicians, Lermitte has managed to conquer the audience around the world for over a decade.

Edith Piaf was born into a poor family of street artists, she had a challenging childhood and also suffered from alleged blindness due to keratitis. Ever since her sight returned to her during a pilgrimage to Saint Thérèse of Lisieux she wore a pendant with the image of the saint. Piaf who was mesmerizing with her strong and special voice was discovered by a producer who took notice of her during her first job as a nightclub singer. She soon became a famous singer in France and around the world. She developed a unique body language and was almost always on stage wearing a little black cleavage dress. She appeared several times in New York and sang at Carnegie Hall. She also sang in films, comedies, and operas and toured the world with great success. In 1960 she returned to her homeland broken by the hardships of her personal life - until her death at the age of 48, at her home in the south of France in 1963. Her dramatic life as well as her songs were used in several plays, including "Piaf" and "Padam Padam" (which was performed in several versions on stage in Israel).

In the cinema, songs such as "La Vie en Rose", "Non, Je ne regretta rien" and "Hymne A L'Amour " were played in dozens of movies and TV series. The song "La Vie en Rose" became a symbol for everything related to France, among other things following its extensive use in this context in Billy Wilder's film "Sabrina". In 1983, the French director Claude Lelouch created the movie "Édith et Marcel" which depicted Piaf's relationship with Marcel Cerdan. "La Vie en Rose" produced in 2007 about her life, was the most expensive and successful film in France of all time.

Edith Piaf is an inspiring woman. Her dramatic life as well as her poetry became a symbol of Paris and France, like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.


Piaf! The Show!

April 2nd, 2023 at 21:00

Heichal Hatarbut, Charles Bronfman Auditorium, Tel-Aviv

Ticket prices: 229-450 NIS depending on the seating

Tickets may be purchased at *9066 or through the ticket website.



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