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  • Talma Gotteiner

Purim Activities in Jerusalem

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Hi there,

I am happy to share with you some amazing recommendations for both indoor and outdoor activities that are suitable for the whole family.

Purim Activities in Jerusalem
Credit: Dor Kedmi


the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra is inviting the public to an especially rhythmic Purim party for the whole family. Guy Feder will host the Tremolo Percussion Ensemble who together will take the spectators on a journey following the percussion. The percussion is the ancient sound that has been beating in our lives with music generated by nature through man made sounds. You will also witness a duel between two solo percussionists and their mallets.

The concert will feature works by Beethoven, Bartók, Vivaldi, Strauss… and more surprises!

WHEN: Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2021 at 17:00

WHERE: The concert will be available through the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra's Facebook and YouTube accounts.


The Train Theater is inviting parents and children (ages 3-11) to a number of theatrical activities both in the open space (weather dependent) alongside online plays and workshops.

The outdoors activities include theatrical tours in the Yemin Moshe neighborhood with the play 'Where is Mrs. Gabbai?' and in the Liberty Bell Park with the play 'Journey to the Bell Kingdom'. The plays include visual effects and recordings as well as field games accompanied by the guides.

The indoor activities include a series of creative workshops. Three sessions are scheduled during which children will learn how to design unique hand costumes the last of which will end in an award-winning hand costume prom. Additionally, the children are invited to watch two filmed plays followed by online art workshops named 'Toto and Friends' and 'Once Upon A Time the World...".

WHEN: Wednesday to Sunday Feb 24-28, 2021

WHERE: Yemin Moshe (outdoor event) Liberty Bell Park (outdoor event) and the Facebook Page for online events.

PRICES: Art workshops with Liat Shabtai 20 NIS. Hand costume prom - free for participants of the first two workshops. Photographed play and artist meeting via zoom 20 NIS, outdoor theatrical tours - 30 NIS.

CONTACT: For more details and to confirm outdoor events - The Train Theater Website and phone 050-3352525.


During Purim, the whole family is invited to visit the largest botanical garden in Israel, which extends over 120 dunams of open, clean and green space.

The botanical garden is offering an experiential tour where visitors will discover how plants celebrate Purim and disguise themselves all year long, such as the bee orchid that disguises itself as a female bee to attract male bees for pollination or the bird of paradise, a wondrous flower that looks like a bird and more.

The garden will hold an art workshop for making plant-inspired costumes, an award-winning costume contest, a tour of the tropical greenhouse during which the audience is invited to touch, smell and sometimes even taste the plants and their fruits and a tour in the garden train displaying over 6600 species and varieties of different plants from the world that exist in the garden and more.

All activities are suitable for ages 3 and up and for the whole family.

WHEN: Thursday - Sunday, Feb 25-28, 2021, between 9:00-14:00.

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 9:00-17:00, Friday 9:00-14:00 Saturday: 9:00-17:00.

PRICE: All the holiday activities are included in the entrance fee: 35 NIS per person (child/adult). Jerusalem child up to the age of 18: Free upon presentation of ID. Subscriptions: Free

CONTACT: For more details, Givat Ram Botanical Garden 02-6794012 or



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