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Purim in Jerusalem 2023

Hi there,

Purim is almost here, so please find below a selection of recommendations for fun family activities in Jerusalem.

Purim in Jerusalem 2023
Credit: "FOZ Museum" by Yossi Zamir

Neot Kedumim Park

The Neot Kedumim Park, which is in full bloom is inviting the general public to a Purim parade under the theme "Following the heroines of the Megila", inspired by the adjacent International Women's Day.

When: Wednesday, March 8, 2023, between 8:30-13:00.

Where: Neot Kedumim Park near Modi'in/Ben Shemen

The participants will pass through 2 walking routes with different levels of difficulty. Along the blooming routes, there will be several stopping places including guidance stations, activity stations, spectacular observation points, creative workshops from nature, a make-up station, and more. The park guides will introduce them to the idea behind Neot Kedumim Park. At other stops, IDF soldiers will tell stories about female fighters. The characters of Vashti and Esther Hamalka will tell about how they worked to create change, and meet King Achashverosh, who in a moment of personal revelation will confess his weakness to Queen Esther and Wine. The children and parents will be able to apply makeup at a make-up station and dress up as ancient figures. Creative workshops will include making natural and colorful leaf prints. In the end, family medals will be awarded to the finishers.

The price of participation in the march is 25 NIS with early registration until 4.3.23.

After that, the price of participation is 30 NIS (under 3 years of age entrance is free).

For more details "Neot Kedumim Park" at 08-9770770 or on the website.

Givat Ram Botanical Garden Jerusalem

"Purim Under a Tree"

When: Friday Saturday 3-4.3.23 at 10:00-15:00

Where: The University Botanical Garden in Givat Ram, 1 Zalman Shneor St., Jerusalem

The University Botanical Garden in Jerusalem will conduct ecological workshops that make, recycle and renew costumes. You are welcome to bring fabrics, old costumes, old hair bows, and any Purim accessory you want to renew. In addition, there will be spring and blossom tours in the garden, and on Fridays only, the flower train will operate and will go on a tour between the garden plots every hour on the hour. Three stations will be set up in the garden. The first station will be for repairing and renewing costumes/fabrics that you bring from home with the garden instructors. You can also sew and make a completely new costume from used fabrics that will be at the station. In the second station, the children will be able to make masks, bows, and crowns from a variety of natural and recycled materials that will be on site. The third station will be for natural dyeing. Fabrics will be decorated with natural colors using traditional methods. You'll learn how to print on fabric, and how a botanical print can also be done at home using iron water and local plants, using a printing method with a hammer, leaves, and flowers.

The activity is included in the entrance fee. 40 NIS child/adult, soldier/student/retiree 25 NIS, a Jerusalem child up to the age of 18 free upon presentation of ID. Subscribers: free.

For more information: the university botanical garden Tel. 02-6794012 and on the website.

Friends of Zion Museum (FOZ)

When: Tuesday-Wednesday, Shushan Purim 7-8.3.23 11:00-14:00

Where: FOZ Museum 20 Nachalat Shiva Jerusalem

The Purim activities will include creative stations for designing and painting masks. The children will be able to design colorful masks to their heart's content, each with a personal design, dress up balloons with simple materials, and turn the balloons into something else. In addition, a face painting station will take place in the museum with a professional makeup artist. You are invited to come to the museum with a unique and elaborate costume and participate in a prize-winning costume contest.

You are also invited to go on an exciting experiential journey through the various multimedia displays in the museum and get to know the heroes who helped in the founding of the country. The museum is an experiential historical center that takes its visitors, through 7 advanced audio-visual multimedia presentations that introduce you to heroic figures of non-Jews who assisted in the establishment of the state.

Prices: Entrance + Adult tour is 44 NIS, Children from 3 - 18 cost 33 NIS, Senior citizens 22 NIS. A Family card is 100 NIS. The Purim activity is an additional fee of 10 NIS per child.

For more details and to coordinate tours, call 02-5329401 or contact through the website.

The Time Elevator in Jerusalem

The Time Elevator screens several films.

When: Purim 7-8.3.23, Sunday-Thursday - 10:00-17:20, Friday 10:00-13:00, Saturday closed

Where: Mamila St. (the indoor mall) Jerusalem

A journey through the time elevator to the secrets of Jerusalem, a two-dimensional experiential presentation takes visitors on a fascinating journey through time into the depths of the city of Jerusalem, starting from the days of the First Temple through the Second Temple, the conquerors of the city, the liberation of the Wall in the Six Day War and up to the present day. About 30 minutes. Screened in 8 languages.

A journey in a tiny capsule into the human body is a 3D experience that reveals the secrets of the most sophisticated machine in the universe, the human body. How do we breathe? How do we digest? What do we look like on the inside? You can find the answers in the display of spectacular and accurate 3D simulations with the help of an 'Info' capsule - a futuristic robot that guides the journey and provides its own unique perspective on what is happening in our bodies. About 25 minutes. Stationary chairs are not possible.

In addition to visiting the Time Elevator, visitors will be able to combine a 360-degree view from the Patzael Tower in the Tower of David - Jerusalem and an independent tour with the pop guide app. From the top of Patzael Tower at a height of 777m above sea level (about 100 steps), you can see the most beautiful view of Jerusalem. From the towering observation deck built by King Herod about two thousand years ago, you can see sacred sites, neighborhoods, and central buildings in Jerusalem including The Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus, and more. (Inaccessible to the disabled/wheelchair).

When: The Tower of David observation deck is open Sunday-Thursday 9:00-16:00, Friday 9:00-14:00 (no need to coordinate).

The Time Elevator in Purim 7-8.3.23 will be open Sunday-Thursday - 10:00-17:00, Friday 10:00-13:00, and Saturday closed.

Entry to the Time Elevator is allowed from the age of 5. The date and type of performance should be coordinated in advance.

The cost of the Time Elevator: 54 NIS when purchased at the cash register, 46 NIS for those who purchase through the website. Discounts are available for students holding a Jerusalem card and more.

The cost of a combined ticket for the Time Elevator and a visit to the Tower of David observation deck - 64 NIS

The tour of the observatory can be experienced in the Time Elevator app/ using a mobile device and headphones.

For more details and reservations: 02-6248381 and through the website.

Happy Purim!


P.S. Subscribers also have 'members only' benefits. To subscribe.

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