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  • Talma Gotteiner

Ramla Contemporary Art Center: "Reality, Perhaps Virtual"

Hi there,

The CACR-Contemporary Art Center, Ramla, is re-opening its doors with a new exhibition, Reality, perhaps virtual, featuring three leading contemporary artists.

WHEN: April 9, 2021 - August 15, 2021

Ramla Contemporary Art Center: "Reality, Perhaps Virtual"
Credit: Video Installation by Keren Gueller. Photo by Ron Peled.

"Reality, Perhaps Virtual"

Keren Gueller | Yuval Shaul | Tal Shochat

Curator: Dr. Smadar Sheffi

Director of the Center and the Museum Complex: Ron Peled

The new Contemporary Art Center, Ramla-CACR opened about a year ago, established by the Ramla Municipality and the Ramla Foundation in a Mandatory building from 1922. The CACR displays work by first-rate artists with the goal of expanding the place of culture in our lives. The Center is a safe space for discussion of controversial issues, face painful issues, and imagine the future.

Video artist Keren Gueller’s new video installation Tropicarium is projected on five screens and two paper rolls, following an audience watching captive sharks in a glass aquarium as a substitute nature experience.

Yuval Shaul’s abstractions continue a long tradition of Modernist painting that began in the early 20th century. His paintings are a fluid, gleaming space.

Tal Shochat manipulates our perceptions of reality in her trees series, with fragile, poetic works. (Courtesy of the Rosenfeld Gallery).

The Mayor of Ramla, Michael Vidal has stated: “We are very excited about the re-opening of the Contemporary Art Center, Ramla, as part of ‘getting back to normal.’ The CACR as an important cultural element reflects life in our multicultural city. The new exhibition – the fifth in a series – proves that Ramla is now on the map of contemporary Israeli art. I invite everyone to visit!”

Dr. Smadar Sheffi, the curator has stated: "Keren Gueller, Yuval Shaul, and Tal Shochat observe and make art centered on issues of the real and the imagined… What seems absolute is revealed as fluid and interchangeable.”


Contemporary Art Center, Ramla-CACR, 112 Sderot Herzl, Ramla

Entry only through the gate of Gan Hanassi. No entry fee.

Closed Fri.-Sat. | Groups require advance appointment, 08-921-6773 | Visits according to the Purple Character



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