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Red Cow: A Film Preview

Hi there!

'Red Cow', an award winning film at the Jerusalem Film Festival will be screened throughout Israel starting from January 10th, 2019.

Red Cow Director, Screenwriter: Tzivia Barkai Yacov Jerusalem Film Festival 2018 Haggiag Award for Best Israeli Feature Film Anat Pirchi Award for Best Debut Film Haggiag Award for Best Actress to Avigail Koevary Berlin Film Festival 2018 Generation 14plus 4 Nominations for the Ophir Awards: Best Principal Actor Gal Toren, Best Supporting Actress Moran Rosenblatt, original music Karni Postel, photography Boaz Yehonatan Yaakov

Red Cow Film Poster

Poster Credit: Nachshon Films

'Red Cow' is a film of maturation that takes place in the settlement of Silwan in East Jerusalem and accompanies the journey of Benny (Binyamina), a 17-year-old, orphaned from a mother from infancy and an only daughter to Yehoshua - an extreme rightist Mashiach, in the critical moments in which she will shape her religious, political and personal identity.

THE PLOT: Benny (Binyamina), an only child, lives with her fundamentalist father Yehoshua in a settlement called 'Silwan' in East Jerusalem. When a kosher red heifer comes into the world, her father sees it as a sign of the beginning of the building of the Third Temple and the redemption. It is Benny's significant duty to take care of the cow. When Benny falls in love with Yael, a national service girl, her close relationship with her father begins to crack. As the tension escalates, Benny desperately tries to create a future for her and Yael of their own.


Director, Screenwriter: Tsivia Barkai Yacov Cinematography: Boaz Yehonatan Yacov Editor: Haim Tabakman Casting: Hadas Sadan Artistic Design: Ehud Guterman Costume Design: Lital Lilo Goldfein Original Soundtrack: Karni Postel Soundtrack Editor: Michael Goorevich Producer: Itai Tamir Co-Producer: Ami Livne, Ronen Ben Tal Production Company: Laila Films Cast:

  • Benny (Binyamina): Avigayil Koevary

  • Yehushua (the father): Gal Toren

  • Yael: Moran Rosenblatt

  • Tamar: Dana Sorin

  • Ra'aya: Ma'ayan Rahima

  • Eviyatar: Avi Matzliach

  • Teacher: Maya Gesner

Film Duration: 91 min

Language: Hebrew Subtitles: Hebrew, English Distribution in Israel: Nachshon Films

I managed to take a few photos of the filmmakers during the preview screening.

Red Cow Filmmakers

From left to right the people described below: Standing third from left, Gal Toren, next to him Boaz Yehonatan Yacov, next to him Tsivia Barkai Yacov with the Mic, next to her Itay Tamir, next Avigayil Koevary, next Moran Rosenblatt and to the far right Haim Tabakman.

BACKGROUND: Director Tsivia Barkai Yacov Born in 1979, grew up in Beit El and studied at the Ulpana in Ofra. Graduated with honors in 2005 from the full track of the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem. During her studies she won the Galit Rozen prize (2003) for directing the film "Daughter" (7 min.) Her final film, "Vika" (Fiction; 17min, Film: 35mm, Script and Director) participated in the Jerusalem Festival and in many festivals around the world and won prizes, including a Citation at the Berlin Film Festival, the Audience Award at the FIDEC Festival in Belgium, the Best Film Award at the Zinby Festival, Bilbao, Spain and more. She participated in the 2006 Campus Talent Berlinale and is a graduate of the first class of the international incubator for cinema in Jerusalem, where she developed an early version of the script "Red Cow" that has since matured after several transfigurations.

Red Cow Filmmakers

Left to Right: Moran Rosenblatt, Gal Toren, Avigayil Koevary and Tsivia Barkai Yacov. Photographer: Rafi Delouya

Actress Avigayil Koevary Avigayil Koevary rew up in Jerusalem to national religious parents who came from the United States. As a religious feminist her mother is opposed to to head coverings, and works to advance the status of women in the Orthodox community and synagogue. She partially studied music in Rimon and completed her BA in plastic arts and education at 'The Kibbutzim Seminary'. Koevary played Zohar in the series "Uri and Ella" in which she first collaborated with Gal Toren. In addition to her acting career, she leads the rock ensemble "Koevary" which is successful in the Israeli indie scene. Was recently seen in the film "Redemption". For her role in 'Red Cow' she won the 'Best Actress Award' at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

With Avigayil Koevary

Above: With Avigayil Koevary

Actor Gal Toren Gal Toren grew up in Mevasseret Zion and studied in Jerusalem. In 1998 he founded the 'Mercedes Band'. In 2003, the band's first single went to the radio, and following Toren's appearance as a rock star in the series "Make Me A Child "alongside Liat Tamari gained recognition. Toren was also a partner in the production of the 'Red Band' series as 'Musical Director' and even made an appearance in one of the chapters. He participated in the series "Urim veTumim", "Special Ops", "The Midrasha," "New York", "My Successful Sisters" and "Uri Ve Ella" as the brother of the character of Dina's Sanderson. Avigail Kubari also participated in the series. Toren also played in the films "Up the Wrong Tree" and "Moon in the 12th House" and also appears in the successful docu-reality "A Trip After the Army" together with Pablo Rosenberg.

Actress Moran Rosenblatt Moran Rosenblatt was born and raised in Tel Aviv. She played in the films "Lipstikka" for which she was nominated for the Ophir Prize, "Snails in the Rain," "Apples from the Desert" and "Wedding Doll" for which she won the Ophir Award for Best Actress. She has also appeared in numerous plays and television shows, such as her recent performances at the Fauda and in the new season of the TV series "Doubles". She wrote and directed the film "Those Who Are Happy" together with Gefen Ganani.

With Moran Rosenblatt

Above: With Moran Rosenblatt

Cinematographer Boaz Yehonatan Yacov Boaz Yehonatan Jacob was born in South Africa and raised in Ramat Hasharon where he was in the first class to graduate from the cinema major in high school 'Alon'. His father is the film producer Roni Yacov, who produced the films "Delta Force", "Dizengoff 99" and "Blaumilch Canal" among others. Boaz filmed the films"My Father My Lord" by David Volach, who won the best film award in Tribeca Festival 2007, "Ajami" by Yaron Shani and Savender Kubti that was nominated for an Oscar, "Good Morning Mr. Fidelman" by Yossi Madmoni who won the best film prize at the Karlovy Festival, "A Place in Heaven" also by Madmony, "Dr. Pomerantz" the last film directed by Assi Dayan, and "Sharqiya" Ami Livneh's film for which he won the photography award in the Jerusalem Film Festival 2012. Jacob is co-director with Yossi Madmoni in the film "Redemption", winner of the Jewish Experience Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

Lead Producer Itay Tamir Itay Tamir, lead producer and founder of Laila Films was also the lead producer of the "Cakemaker" film that was distributed In Israel by Nachshon Films and was a great success, Israel's representative at the Oscar Award and winner of seven Ophir Awards including the Best Film Award reaching a revenue of nearly $1 million in the United States. Previously, Tamir worked for several years with Mark Rosenbaum at Transfax. Together, they produced films like "Infiltration" by Dover Kosashvili with Oz Zehavi and Michael Aloni based on a book by Joshua Kanaz's book, "Or (My Treasure)" by Keren Yedaya and Shari Azuz that won the Golden Camera at the Cannes Film Festival, starring Ronit Elkabetz and Dana Ivgy and the film "To Take A Wife" by Ronit and Shlomi Elkabetz, "Bena" by Niv Kleiner and more. In 2010, Tamir founded the "Laila Films" company in which he continues the line of quality cinema promoting promising young directors. Among the movies produced at Laila Films are: "Policeman", directed by Nadav Lapid, "Not in Tel Aviv", directed by Nony Geffen, "Sharqiya", directed by Ami Livneh, "Alice", directed by Dana Goldberg, "Arabani", directed by Adi Adwan, "A Strange Course of Events", directed by Rafael Nadjari, and "One Language and a Few Words", "Tidings" and "Poetics of the Brain" all directed by Nurit Aviv (documentary), "Ben Zaken" directed by Efrat Corem starring Eliraz Sade, "Awakenings" directed by Guy Meyerson, "Everything is Broken Up and Dances" directed by Nony Geffen, "The Origin of the Sea" directed by Daniel Mann, winner of the first film award of the Haifa Film Festival 2017. Soon to be released is the film "Here and Now" by Roman Shumunov based on the successful documentary film of Shomonov, "Babylon Dreamers" and the recent Ophir Prize winner for Original Music. In addition, recently filmed were the new film of the veteran director Ram Levy, "The Dead of Jaffa" and also "Signing" Nurit Aviv's film.

Red Cow Filmmakers

Left to Right: Itay Tamir and Gal Toren Photographer: Rafi Delouya

Editor Haim Tabakman Haim Tabakman was born and raised in Be'er Sheva, a graduate of the Department of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University. He edited the first two seasons of the TV series "Parashat HaShavua", the documentary film "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Al Quds"and the film "My Father, My Lord" that won the best film award at Tribeca Festival 2007. Director of the full-length feature film "Eyes Wide Open" selected for the screening in the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009. His second feature film was "Eva". He also edited the film "Here and Now" together with Maor Keshet. He teaches at the Department of Film at the Beit Berl College of Art.

Best, Talma

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