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  • Talma Gotteiner

Rehaniya: A Trip to the Restored Winter Pond

Hi there,

I'm happy to share with you a recommended trip to the Circassian village of Rehaniya by the the Kinneret Drainage and Streams Authority.

Rehaniya: A Trip to the Restored Winter Pond
Photo Credit: Yael Shavit

Rehaniya is located near the localities of Alma, Kerem Ben Zimra and Dalton. The settlement was founded in 1873, but it was not until 1880 that Circassian families from the Abzakh tribe from the North Caucasus came to settle it. Their migration was accompanied by a legend, about three horsemen who set out in search of a place of settlement that would suit them. The cavalry arrived in the area and were impressed by the land and the pool of water and the nearby spring and after receiving the blessing of the authorities, they decided to settle on the spot. The village was built in a rectangular shape, surrounded by a wall and gates that were locked at night and the origin of the name Rehaniya, is from the myrtle plants (basil in Arabic), which grew near the ancient well in the place.

The restored pool is located on the outskirts of the settlement in its northwestern part, in an area of ​​about seven and a half acres. The design of the pool took into account the special nature of the area. A wooden deck promenade was designed to give a feel of hovering above the pool water, and boulders were placed on the bank to enrich the habitat. The pool and its surroundings have a rich diversity of plants and animals including aquatic plants such as the water lily and the spikerush.

Also, surveys conducted in recent years have found that four endangered species of amphibians inhabit the pond: the common salamander, the common mole, the striped newt and the green toad. You can already see a variety of waterfowl and hawks that frequent the pool.

The Kinneret Drainage and Streams Authority encourages the public to come and enjoy free of charge the beauty of the temporary winter pond, that disappears during the summer.

It is recommended to stock up on Circassian pastries from the Nalchik restaurant in Rehaniya and have a picnic on the benches at the pond.

Please take care to maintain the integrity of the pool and the cleanliness of the water and the environment.

How to get there? Take Road 886 to the village of Rehaniya (Waze Rehaniya). In the village turn with the road towards the west of the village. Next to the newly established neighborhood is the beautiful pond.



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