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  • Talma Gotteiner

Room Dances Festival 2022

Hi there,

The Room Dances Festival, the only one of its kind in Israel is celebrating its 33rd anniversary this year under the artistic direction of Amos Hetz.

The festival aims to create an intimate movement experience centered on dancers or small ensembles performing in a hall where there is no barrier between the stage and the audience. The dances maintain the originality of the performer while testing new creative ways to generate a close relationship between dancers and spectators.

WHEN: December 21-31, 2022

Room Dances Festival 2022
Credit: Amos Hetz by Veronica Dirnhofer

This year's festival theme, "at home" is inspired by the Covid pandemic. Memories from this period accompany us and have inspired artistic work even unconsciously. The creators-performers have been requested to turn the house into a subject for dance, for all its hidden and visible aspects.

The house's different rooms in their function and form contain emotions, dreams, and physical behavior which is a product of our habits and moods. All of them are a vast platform for creating a dance. The horizontal bedroom, the settled living room, the active vertical in the kitchen, and the thoughtful wandering between the different rooms may constitute a rich movement score.

Along with all our intentions, we would like to reiterate the importance of exposure to dancing (which was avoided during the pandemic). For the creator-performer, the exposure of the dance validates its existence while the viewer has an opportunity for experience and inspiration, thereby contributing to the expansion of his/her world.


The festival program and purchasing of tickets are available on the festival website.

Ticket Price: 70 NIS

  • Jerusalem: Hazira Theater, 3 HaParsa St.- December 21-24

  • Tel Aviv-Yafo: Habait Theater, 5 No'am St. - December 28-31



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