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Safed's Summer: Six Days of Wonder

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Safed's summer celebration is a succession of two huge festivals with free admission for the general public, branded as "Safed's Summer - Six Days of Wonder "which stand for a special connection between East and West. Starting with three days of the Ladino Festival in early July followed by three days of the Klezmer Festival in early August both festivals combine prominent artists from the widespread Israeli musical genres alongside niche artists specializing in Ladino music or Klezmer and Jewish soul music, who together create a unique cross-sectoral combination for all audiences.

Credit: Dov Ber Hechtman
Safed's Summer: Six Days of Wonder

WHEN: The "International Ladino Festival" - July 5-7th, 2022.

The "International Klezmer Festival" - August 9-11th, 2022.

The "International Ladino Festival" will be held this year for the fourth time over three days in early July. It's a unique experience in the spirit of Ladino - a culture that characterized Safed during the 16th century. As part of the festival, there will be performances of pure Ladino as well as mixed performances of Ladino artists and various singers. The alleys of the Old City and the city streets in the center of Safed will be transferred into an extraordinary "Ladino Avenue" with authentic outdoor musicians, traditional dancers, and food stalls in the Ladino style. The festival will also offer guided tours, special events around the city, and more.

Among the artists who will participate in the 2022 Ladino Festival are Yehoram Gaon, Rotem Cohen, Glykaria, Trifonas, Lea Shabat, Raanana Symphony Orchestra in a special show with Ladino singers, Dorit Reuveni and Yankele Mendel, the Andalusian Orchestra in a joint show with Shlomo Ydov and Mor Karbasi, Shuli Natan, Dganit Daddo, Yanit Asulin in the Ladino folklore show and several other artists who will perform in 2 performance complexes during the 3 days of the festival, from 20:00 until the small hours of the night. All shows are free with free admission to the general public.

After the Ladino Festival, the "International Klezmer Festival" in Safed will take place in August, with the participation of dozens of prominent artists and ensembles, including Benaya Beravi, Akiva, Nathan Goshen, Amir Dadon, Tislam, Idan Haviv, and a long list of artists who will perform on 6 different stages.

According to Safed's Mayor Shuki Ohana, "Many prominent artists will come to Safed this summer for the two major festivals and summer events. The celebration begins with the Ladino Festival - 3 special days in which Safed, the capital of the Galilee, returns to its roots as the capital of Ladino music and the Jewish soul. It culminates in the International Klezmer Festival, which this year will be one of the largest festivals in the history of the festival for its generations. Everyone is invited to the magical streets of the Old City of Safed for a rich and extraordinary cultural experience."



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