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San Remo in Israel: Starring Gigliola Cinquetti, Bobby Solo, Nada, Ilanit & Arkadi Duchin

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

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When you think of Italian love songs, your mind goes straight to the San Remo Festival, founded in 1951 in the city of San Remo, Italy that continues to this day. The festival attracted some of Europe's greatest artists in its time who wanted to share some of its glory. Several Italian artists such as Bobby Solo, Gigliola Cinquetti, Nada and others gave the world the best Italian love songs that have become timeless classics over the years. Some of these hits have even been performed in Hebrew.

WHEN: Postponed from April 10th to Sept 2nd, 2020 in Tel-Aviv and from April 11th to Sept 3rd, 2020 in Haifa

Tickets purchased previously will be valid for the new dates without any need for change or replacement.

San Remo in Israel: Starring Gigliola Cinquetti, Bobby Solo, Nada, Ilanit & Arkadi Duchin
Poster Credit: Live Nation Israel

Famous Recordings on YouTube:

Cinquetti - Non ho l'età | Nada - Re Di Denari | Bobby Solo - Una Lacrima Sul Viso

'Back to San Remo' is an exciting musical evening that takes us to the Italian provinces of the '60s and' 70s with classic and exciting Italian songs that blend into a celebration of love.

In a special tribute to the legendary festival, the romantic sounds of San Remo will once again meet the legendary voices of Bobby Solo, Gigliola Cinquetti and Nada to perform the best of the famous and beloved Italian giant hits and host local musicians Arcady Duchin and Ilanit in the musical performance under David Krivoshey's musical direction and Kobi Ben Atar's artistic direction.

The legendary San Remo Festival is a song contest that began in 1951 in the city of San Remo and served as an inspiration for the Eurovision Song Contest. The competition exists and operates to this day and has hosted huge stars such as Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong, Sonny and Cher, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Britney Spears, José Feliciano and more.

The festival has given the world of Italian and international music glittering names such as Andrea Bocelli, Ramazzotti, Bobby Solo, Little Tony, Domenico Modugno, Gigliola Cinquetti, Nada, and even Achinoam Nini. No less importantly, the festival has produced great songs over the years that have become cherished throughout the world such as Non ho l'età -volare-zingara-ci sara- and many more.

To this day, the San Remo Festival is alive and kicking. It lasts for a whole week and its winner represents Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Gigliola Cinquetti - At the age of 16, she won the San Remo Festival in 1964 when she sang "Non ho l'età" ("I'm Not Old Enough"), to music composed by Nicolas Salerno and lyrics by Mario Panzeri. Following her achievement, she was chosen to represent Italy at the 1964 Eurovision Song Contest, performing the same song in which she also won first place. She was also the first to reach the top of the UK's Top 20 competition with a non-English Eurovision song.

In 1966 she recorded the song "Dio, come ti amo" ("God, how I love you") in a duet with Domenico Modugno that also became an international hit. In 1974 she returned to the international competition as Italian representative again, this time finishing in second place after the Abba band, performing the song "Si" ("Yes") - the music and lyrics were written: Mario Panzeri, Daniele Pace, Lorenzo Pilat and Corrado Conti. The song, translated into English as "Go", reached the UK's Top 10. The song was banned from broadcast in Italy, and the contest was not even broadcast on Italian television, due to a referendum held in the country shortly after the contest, on whether to allow divorce, and the fear that the song could affect voting.

Cinquetti presented the Eurovision Song Contest of 1991 together with Toto Cutugno, who brought the Eurovision to his country with his win in Zagreb the previous year (Italy's second win after Cinquetti 26 years earlier).

Bobby Solo - Born in Rome as Roberto Sati, he learned to play the guitar at an early age. In 1963, a record company offered him to record a single. The name "Bobby Solo" was born as a result of the mistake of the record company's secretary. His father refused to have their last name appear on the record, and asked him to be called "Bobby" only ("only" in Italian is Solo), and so his stage name Bobby Solo was born.

In 1964, Solo participated in the San Remo Festival with the song "Una lacrima sul viso" ("A Tear on Your Face") written by Lunero. Due to an inflammation of the vocal cords he had to sing with a playback, which disqualified him from participating in the competition. However, the song was an international hit. It was the first record in Italy that sold over a million copies with sales worldwide exceeded three million, and was awarded a gold record.

The following year, Solo won first place at the San Remo Festival with the song "Se piangi, se ridi" ("If You Cry, If You Laugh"). That year, he also sang the song at the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest in Italy, finishing fifth.

In 1969, Solo again won the San Remo Festival with the song "Zingara" ("Gypsy") together with Iva Zanicchi (each song performed in two versions). His last participation in the festival was in 2003 (together with Little Tony (Antonio Ciacci) in the song "Non si cresce mai".

Nada - Nada's debut was in 1969, at the age of 15, at the San Remo Festival where she sang the song "Ma che freddo fa" ("But that is Cold"), and had a surprising success. She also performed the song in Spanish called "Hace frío ya". A year later she took part in the festival again, singing the song "pà diglielo a mà" "with Italian singer Ron. Nada participated in the popular TV show "Canzonissima" with the song "Che male fa la gelosia".

In 1971, Nada won the San Remo Festival Song Contest along with Nicola Di Bari, in which they performed the song "Il cuore è uno zingaro" ("The Heart is a Gipsy"), which was internationally successful. In 1972, Nada reappeared in San Remo with the song "Il re di denari" ("King of Diamonds"), which came in third. She also participated in the San Remo Festival in 1987 with the song "Bolero", in 1999 with the song "Guardami negli occhi", and in 2007 with the song "Luna in piena".

In 1983, Nada was named singer of the year with the song "Amore disperato", which was a hit in the summer that year. In 1998, the Italian band "Super B" was very successful with their cover version of the song "Amore disperato".

In 2004, her album "Tutto l'amore che mi manca" was released (produced by John Parish who was the producer of PJ Harvey), and won the best independent album of the year in Italy. The album features a duet with singer-creator Howe Gelb. Her next studio album "Luna in Piena" won the 2007 Best Independent Album Award.

On June 21, 2009, Nada participated in the "Amiche per l'Abruzzo" benefit music concert at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, which featured a series of Italian stars. The concert was organized by singer Laura Fazzini, as a fundraiser for the Aquilla earthquake victims. Nada joined a band that included Marina Ray, Paula Torchi and Carmen Consoli to perform her classic song "Ma che freddo fa".

In 2011, Nada released another studio album called "Vamp".

In 2016, her single "Senza Un Perché" was included in HBO's television series "The Young Pope".


Sept 2nd, 2020 (previously April 10th, 2020), Charles Bronfman Auditorium, Tel-Aviv at 13:00

TLV Ticket Purchase: Phone *9964 or the Ticketmaster English Website

Sept 3rd, 2020 (previously April 11th, 2020), International Convention Center, Haifa

HAIFA Ticket Purchase: Phone 04-8377777 or the Barak English Website

Tickets purchased previously will be valid for the new dates without any need for change or replacement.



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