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  • Talma Gotteiner

Sukkot at the Sea of Galilee 2021

Hi there,

The autumnal holiday of Sukkot is a great opportunity to hike around the national lake and enjoy pleasant weather. The Kinneret Cities Association and the Kinneret Authority invite travelers on Sukkot to join FREE guided tours, in various sections of the circular trail that surrounds the Sea of Galilee.

WHEN: Sept 22-23, 2021

Sukkot at the Sea of Galilee 2021
Photograph: Daniel Vaknin

Wednesday, September 22, at 18:00 - Travelers following the documentary film "Kineret"

The tour starts from the meeting place on the balcony of the culture center 'Beit Gabriel' and includes a visit to the renewed Tzemach beach, the 'Kinneret Academic College, the 'Yarmouk Water Fountain' and lastly, after an easy climb to a beautiful viewpoint of the Sea of ​​Galilee. After the tour, you are invited to return to Gabriel's house to watch Moshe Alpert's documentary nature film about swamp cats entitled 'Kineret', which will be screened outdoors, in the open air.

Duration of the tour: about an hour and a half.

Difficulty: Easy. The route is not suitable for strollers.

Equipment: Comfortable walking shoes, a hat and water.

Registration for the tour and film: 04-6751175 or on the Hebrew website. The tour is free. Movie tickets cost 40 NIS per person.

Thursday, 23.9, at 10:00 - Nature, Landscape and Man

Meet at the entrance to the 'Sapir Site', the pumping station of the National Carrier that brings water from the Sea of ​​Galilee to the rest of Israel. The tour will take you south through agricultural landscapes to 'Amud Stream' where you will reach the estuary of the stream with the Sea of ​​Galilee.

The trip passes through patches of cane grasses, a beautiful grove of ficus trees, alongside the fishing wing of the Ministry of Agriculture to Hukok Beach ending with a visit to 'Khirbet Minim', a Muslim palace from the Umayyad period.

Duration: 3-4 hours (about 4 km).

Difficulty: Medium for hikers. The route is not suitable for strollers. Equipment: Comfortable shoes suitable for walking in water, a hat, water, sunscreen.

Registration: *55477 or through the Hebrew website.

Happy Sukkot!


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