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Sukkot in the Land of the Olive Groves

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The Beit HaKerem valley in the Galilee is home to spectacular landscapes, unique sites, fine cuisine and a fascinating human mosaic. Surprisingly, only a few people know the area.

The Sukkot holiday and the pleasant weather provide an opportunity to get to know and enjoy a variety of activities in the area. The tourism incubator "Land of the Olive Groves" from Beit Eshkol Beit HaKerem has gathered the best for Sukkot.

WHEN: Sukkot 2022

Sukkot in the Land of the Olive Groves
Credit: Courtesy of the Monkey Forest in Yodfat

Festival Events

El Ein Tent

The tent is located on the western side of Kamanneh East village, above the KamanaKamanneh stream and spring. The place offers workshops, lectures, tours, observations, a traditional Bedouin meal - "Mansaf", a "Sada" coffee ceremony, workshops, tours, observations for families and groups and more.*

Cost: Breakfast - 80 NIS Lunch - Mansaf 150 NIS Dinner - 150 NIS. Workshop, tour and observations - 30 NIS.

*The activities are intended for groups of at least 10 people.

Where: Kammaneh East village

When: Sunday, Oct 9th until Saturday, Oct 15th between 9:00-22:00, by appointment.

For details: 050-7643911.

Bistro Havat Rom

Rom Farm was established in 1986. Amit Rom went up to Mount Kammon with a herd of goats with the aim of producing high-quality Galilean cheese. In 2013, Ron Proper joined Amit and together they wove a common dream of an agricultural and rehabilitation farm for the mentally challanged that is a nutritional knowledge center, that combines workshops, hosting and producing of events and a bistro restaurant. The farm has a wonderful relationship with nature in Mount Kammon. A rich forest provides natural grazing space for the happy goats. The restaurant "Bistro Havat Rom" is Kosher (supervised by Rabbi Uziel Eliyahu of the Regional Council Misgav) has just opened at the farm, and in front of the spectacular view you will enjoy the produce of the farm and a varied and fine menu.

Where: Mount Kammon

When: On Hol HaMoed Sukkot, Oct 11-13, 2022 will be open between 9:00-16:00.

For details: 052-4457777

The Bedouin experience

Ziad, a nature lover, and Zada, his lovely wife, a gracious cook, welcome the guests with a light drink under the beautiful mulberry tree in the yard of their home and talk about the Bedouin way of life, the affinity for nature and the transformation that has taken place in Bedouin society in recent years. After a fascinating lecture, a Bedouin meal is served under the mulberry tree, or in the tent in the yard.

Where: Sallama village

For details: 052-2846515 or on the local website.

Monkey Forest

The story began with a pair of monkeys, survivors of an experimental laboratory, who fell into the hands of a resident of Yodfat who set up a small animal corner for them near the house. Little by little, additional animals joined and in 1990 the monkey forest became an animal shelter in which the animals receive warm and loving care that is also educational and touristic. The free and good living conditions of the animals are an attraction for many people who want to see how the animals live in the wild. It is possible to order guidance, or just walk around the forest, rest areas and picnic tables. Petting areas and feeding areas are scattered among the trees.

Where: Yodfat

When: Holiday Eve (Oct 9 and 16, 2022) and Hol HaMoed (Oct 11-13, 2022) between 9:00-14:00 (last entry at 14:00). You can stay in the forest until 15:00.

Holiday (Oct 10 and 17, 2022- 9:00-15:00 (last entry at 15:00). You can stay in the forest until 16:00.

For more information: 054-2518150 Yodfat Monkey Forest or on the local website.

Leket Conservatory

A special activity for Sukkot includes an experiential tour in the spirit of "treasure hunting" at the Leket conservatory and the ecological farm. During the tour you will visit the vegetable garden, chicken coop and the beehives and enjoy an experiential enrichment activity in every corner. The tour is intended for families, parents and children.

Cost: 35 NIS per family.

Payment is on the spot but you must register in advance.

To register:

Where: Moshav Yaad, Misgav.

When: Tuesday-Thursday, Oct 11-13, 2022 between 10:00-12:00

For more information: 052-605-2227 or on the Eretz Karmi Zeit local website.

Shirat Roim Dairy

The visitor center of Shirat Roim Dairy will host groups and families throughout the holiday. From the window of the visitor center you can see the production activity, and an explanatory film is shown. Diverse activities around the sheep's cheeses will take place as well as selliing of cheeses and cheese-based dishes in a "take away" format. On some days of the holiday there will be a guided cheese making activity at the dairy.

Where: Kibbutz Lotem

When: Tuesday-Friday, Oct 11-14, 2022 between 9:00-16:00.

For details: 052-2548052 or on the local website.

Rika Mosaic Art

Create pictures, surfaces and signs in mosaics of the "Four Species" and "New Year Greetings" in the spirit of the holiday. The workshop is designed for couples, small groups, families with children (from the age of 5 and up).

Cost: 250 NIS per person, 450 NIS per couple, 600 NIS for a couple with 2 children. For groups up to 10 people there is an additional benefit. The price includes materials, training and refreshments.

A selection of gifts for the holiday is available in the adjoining gallery. There is a 10% discount for buyers in the gallery.

Where: Tal-El

When: Oct 9-18, 2022

For more information: 054-4785022 or on the local website.

From Squill to Olive Harvest Up to the Yodfat Ridge

A guided tour by Eitan Omer, tour guide and manager of the tourism incubator in the Galilee Beit HaKerem cluster.

The meeting point, at 9:00 a.m., is in the Yodfat entrance complex that provides coffee and toilets where an introduction will take place. From there to the olive press in Avtalion to meet Peretz, the manager. At the olive press there is also a kosher café. You will continue on a walking tour from Hararit lookout to Netofa hermitage, between the scenic village of the Transcendental Meditation enthusiasts to the picturesque Monk Laura. After that we will go on a short walking tour of the ancient core of Kfar Arraba, between the home of Daher el Omar and the tomb of Rabbi Hanina ben Dosa. We will finish at the Shirat Roim dairy in Kibbutz Lotem, watch a short video and enjoy the wonderful cheeses at the factory store.

The tour is produced by Midreshet Ha'Golan and Amitim Letiyulim.

Where: Yodfat Ridge

Cost: The cost of the tour is 65 NIS per person. The price for Amitim Letiyulim members is 55 NIS. The price includes bus hopping during the tour.

When: Friday, Oct 14, 2022 between 9:00-14:00.

All the events can be found on the local website:

Wishing you a Sweet New Year!


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