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Tel-Aviv: Akram Khan Company in 'Outwitting the Devil'

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The Israeli Opera, Bimot Global in collaboration with Uri Ofer are excited to announce a series of performances by the dance company of the important British composer, Akram Khan, who will arrive with his troupe and show "Outwitting the Devil".

The work's debut took place in Germany in 2019 and last year it was scheduled to air in Tel Aviv. Thus, after a long delay, the show will go up in December at the Tel-Aviv Opera House.

This is the band's fourth visit to Israel. The last exciting encounter of the audience in Israel with the work of Akram Khan, took place six years ago when the band performed their breathtaking work ITMOI in Israel.

WHEN: December 9-11, 2021 at the The Shlomo Lahat Opera House (Cheech)

Tel-Aviv: Akram Khan Company in 'Outwitting the Devil'
Credit: ©JeanLouisFernandez

About the Show

In 'Outwitting the Devil', Khan presents a story from one of the world's sublime literary works, "The Epic of Gilgamesh", the ancient Sumerian chronicle.

The episode from Gilgamesh's plot that Khan chose to feature on stage, tells a powerful story. The gods punish King Gilgamesh for destroying the legendary cedar forest and for killing the city guard Humbaba. The gods take the life of his good and beloved friend Enkidu, a wild man that Gilgamesh managed to restrain. When confronted with the sorrow and truth of mortality Gilgamesh becomes a figure of history remaining a fragment between the broken remnants of human culture and memory.

Dramaturg: Ruth Little.

Lighting design: Aideen Malone

Visual design: Tom Scutt

Original music and sound design: Vincenzo Lamagna

Costume Design: Kimie Nakano

The text was written by playwright Jordan Tannahill, a London-based Canadian

Executive Producer: Farooq Chaudhry, OBE

Co-production: Festival d'Avignon , Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, Sadler's Wells, London, Stuttgart International Dance Festival and more

About Akram Khan

Born in the UK in 1974 to immigrant parents from Bangladesh, he is considered one of the most respected choreographers working in the UK today. He gained a reputation for the language of his virtuoso movement and the combination in his performances between different fields and different cultures. He has collaborated with many bodies and artists including China National Ballet, Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche, singer Kylie Minogue, flamenco dancer Israel Israel Galván , sculptor Anish Kapoor, choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and more.

His collaboration with dancer Sylvie Guillem has yielded a number of breathtaking performances. Khan has worked with many musicians including Steve Reich, Nitin Sawhney, Jocelyn Falk and Ben Frost.

In 2012 he created part of the choreography for the opening of the London Olympics.

He has won many awards during his career. Among them the Olivier Prizes for Dance and the British Dance Critics Award and a host of other awards. In 2005 he was awarded the MBE title by the Queen, for his contribution to culture in the UK.

In 2000, together with former dancer Farooq Chaudhry, he formed the dance company that established itself as one of the most innovative and original dance troupes. In his work, Akram Khan combines the traditional with the innovative, cataclysmic dance, traditional Indian dance, and modern works.

He also began creating for the English National Ballet, and among the works he created a special production of "Giselle".

This year, Netflix aired a documentary series "In Motion" dedicated to 6 choreographers. One episode was dedicated to Akram Khan, and tells about his work, life, family and special work he prepared in honor of his parents, to mark the centenary celebrations of the birth of the father of the Bangladeshi nation. Work began before the corona and continued with the onset of the plague, and was finally presented without an audience, at Bangladesh with 25 local dancers.

He is a co-artist at the Sadler's Wells Theater in London, the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London and Curve Theatre in Leicester.

Akram Khan on 'Outwitting the Devil'

"Outwitting the Devil" is also a memory, a puzzle assembled in the dark and presents the story of who we once were and may yet be again. It is a myth of all times destined for our time.

When my career as a dancer came to an end, I woke up to a new dance path, dancing my ideas through other bodies, including older dancers. Carrying within them their history and their complex emotional experiences. But what remains consistent and unchanged is my desire to explore myths - old and new - in the context of our time.


Akram Khan Company in "Outwitting the Devil"

Thursday 9.12 at 20:00

Friday 10.12 at 13:00

Saturday 11.12 at 20:00

The length of the show is one hour and twenty minutes without a break.

Ticket prices: 150-350

Tickets are available through the Israeli Opera's website.



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