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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem: Room Dances Festival 2019

Hi there!

The Room Dances Festival, the only chamber dance festival in Israel is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year in two weekends of dance performances in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The festival's theme this year, under the artistic direction of Amos Hetz and Talia de Vries is 'Time - Present, Future, Past'.

WHEN: Oct 30, 2019 - Nov 9, 2019 in the Suzanne Dellal Center Tel-Aviv and in the Gerard Behar Center in Jerusalem.

Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem: Room Dances Festival 2019

Above: Amos Hetz Photo Credit: Veronika Dirnhofer

This year, new works will be presented at the festival: Anat Shamgar in collaboration with show artist Adina Brown, Amos Hetz, Shelly Palmon, Anna Wilde, Uri Turkenitz in collaboration with musician Rotem Primer, Kerem Shami, Einat Raveh and Avigail Spaz in collaboration with writer Amir Manshoff and musician Elad Bardas. Two Amos Hetz dances from the early years of the festival will also be performed.

At the opening of the festival, a festive catalogue will be launched in honor of 30 years of room dancing featuring an open dialogue event with the participation of Ms. Dina Aldor, Executive Director of the Batsheva Dance Company, Iris Lana and Talia De Vries, editors of the catalogue, Anat Shamgar, Amos Hetz, Dr. Idit Suslik, textwriters of the catalogue and Lior Avitsur who will moderate the event.

Also in the thirtieth year of the festival, Amos Hetz is seeking to suggest ways to reduce the distance in the auditorium between the viewer and the creator, hoping that the movement experience will take place on both sides at the same time. For the past century, art in its various forms has undergone change. The new dance art, like that of music, is revealed in real time and in a space with defined dimensions, where the creator and viewer are in one space.

The opening of the festival, catalogue launch event and open dialogue will take place at Studio Dalia, Batsheva Dance Company | Wednesday the Oct 30, 2019 at 20:00.

For the full festival program and tickets refer to the ticket section below.

TICKETS: Ticket Price: 85 NIS.

Discount codes are available on my 'Members Only' page. Subscription is free.

Admission is free to the catalog launch event and dialogue.

Ticket Purchase: Get your coupon code and then purchase tickets on the Hebrew Festival Website. Best, Talma

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