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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tel-Aviv Jaffa: A Preview of the 21st Piano Festival

Hi there,

Every year, the Piano Festival takes place at the beginning of the winter. I am happy to share with you a preview of the festival's events. This year, too, the festival is rich, diverse and represents the multicultural and multidisciplinary era of contemporary Israeli music.

The festival's performances will take place in ten auditoriums throughout the city. The main hub will take place in the numerous spaces and halls of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art: Recanati Hall, Asia Hall, Kaufman Hall, Mizna Blumental Gallery, Contemporary Israeli Art Gallery and in the Cameri Theater.

Other performances will also take place at the Noga Hall in the Gesher Theater, Jaffa and the Enav Cultural Center.

WHEN: 13-16 Nov 2019

​ ​​  ​Tel-Aviv Jaffa: A Preview of the 21st Piano Festival

Due to the abundance of artistic and musical genres the festival has been meticulous in recent years in balancing mainstream artists appearing in special festival performances alongside indie artists who are able to arouse great interest in Israel as well as abroad. Multiple musical styles, a variety of languages, cultural genres and musical experiments are the cornerstones of the festival. Spoken, indie, ethnic, rock, electronic and pop, alongside Mediterranean, classical, poetry, beautiful Israeli and Jewish-faith music, combine together for five days of quality music by the best Israeli artists and creators.

The festival gives artistic freedom to the creators who take part in it, and the audience fills the halls with over 90% occupancy each year! The festival exposes the concertgoers to Israeli classics alongside innovative surprising productions, special ensembles and even to musical instruments that they did not know even existed.

Tel-Aviv Jaffa: A Preview of the 21st Piano Festival

Clockwise from bottom left: Keren Peles and Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel-Aviv, Oshik Levi on stage and Ronen Shapira composing on the grass

The Piano Festival is the largest music festival in the country, which for 21 years of existence has already produced many winning combinations and performances that continued their way outside the festival and were commemorated in special albums and video.

This year, the festival is dedicating a special tribute to musician and pianist Alona Turel who passed away in May this year, and had been an integral part of the festival throughout its years of existence. In the evening dedicated to her memory, the best artists who worked with her will be featured on the stage alongside young artists who admired and were influenced by her. Chava Alberstein, Shalom Hanoch, Nurit Galron, Yoni Rechter, Dori Ben Zeev, Alon Adar, The Platina, Doron Talmon, Meir Yisrael, Vered Picker, Moshe Levi, Alon Hillel, Yurai Oron, Shmulik Budgov, Miki Shaviv, Alon Olearchik, Nadav Hollander, Ariel Horowitz and more will pay tribute in this event.

Tel-Aviv Jaffa: A Preview of the 21st Piano Festival

Clockwise from bottom left: Noam Kleinstein, Hila Ruach and the Karkukli band.

This year, the festival is also paying tribute to Nathan Alterman in three special shows: "Ha'Layla Shelach" new songs by Rami Harel and Naama Nachum - a dialogue between Alterman and his daughter Tirza Atar, "Magash Haketzev" a special show of Alterman's songs for children and "When Wilensky met Alterman" in which Tzipi Zarenkin and Nathan Slor host Ran Eliran and perform the beautiful hits of Alterman and Wilensky.

Festival Director: Shabi Mizrahi, Deputy Director Culture and Arts Division and Director of the Performance Department

Production: The Department of Performances in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality in collaboration with Hamon Volume and Zappa.

Artistic Director: Etti Anta-Segev

Tel-Aviv Jaffa: A Preview of the 21st Piano Festival

Clockwise from top left: With Yoni Rechter, Mosh Ben-Ari, Moni Moshonov and two thirds of the A-WA band.

FESTIVAL PROGRAM: The full schedule of events is available on the Hebrew Festival Website

TICKETS: Zappa *9080 and on the Hebrew Website

PRICES: Ticket prices range between 59-159 NIS. Discounts are available for Tel Aviv-Jaffa residents with a digital card.

Every evening, free performances will be held at the museum square depending on the weather conditions.

Get tickets while you can!

Best, Talma

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