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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tel-Aviv Jaffa: Illustration Week 2019

Hi there!

The sixth edition of the Tel Aviv Illustration Week is a part of the "Loving Art, Making Illustration" events, held by the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality’s Arts Department. The 2019 Illustration Week offers 80 exhibitions, in which some 700 Israeli illustrators, designers, and artists will show their work. The annual event, which has become a tradition, creates a platform that didn't exist in the past for the display of illustration. It continues to encourage new work by illustrators, and attracts both veteran and young illustrators, leading art academies alongside independent groups of illustrators.

Around 50,000 people visited the exhibitions last year and that number is expected to increase with the event’s expansion this year.

Most of the events will be open to the public, free of charge.

WHEN: November 21–30, all over Tel Aviv-Jaffa

700 participants • 80 exhibitions • 10 days

Founder and chief curator: Yuval Saar, Portfolio

Management and strategy: Idit Shiloah

Credit: "Flashback - My Father׳s Land" by Effi Rywkind, photo by Ardon Bar-Hama

As in every year, Illustration Week 2019 will feature the work of Israel’s best illustrators and designers, who have found the event a fitting artistic platform for showing their work. Illustrator and writer Merav Salomon will exhibit an installation that addresses the perpetuation of feminine identity; illustrator Izhar Cohen will show a different aspect of his artistic side as he presents a series of intimate etchings; Gilad Seliktar will show the unique process behind the creation of his book "Tzav 8"; Itai Ron-Gilboa, Dudu Gerstein, Zeev Engelmayer, and Keren Katz will present two- and three-dimensional works that deal with daring, erotic themes from a humorous, sarcastic, comic and sometimes cruel perspective; the artists’ collective of Tomer Hanuka, Asaf Hanuka, and Sami Kattan will sum up three years of work on a comprehensive print exhibition; Orit Arif will illustrate, with her characteristic humor, real, embarrassing situations from her own and others’ day-to-day lives; Yaacov Kaufman, Magenta Studio (Ronen Bavli), StudioKahn, Tamar Branitzky, Reddish Studio, and other designers from various fields will illustrate, in 3-D, the views from their studio spaces.

Group and solo exhibitions will take place in museums, culture and art spaces, collaborative galleries and in entertainment spots throughout the city. These include in southern Tel Aviv: the Central Bus Station, the TLV Fashion Mall, the Refrigerator, Artspace Tel Aviv and the downtown area from Rothschild Boulevard all the way to Tel Aviv Port. Also, the Eretz Israel Museum shop in the northern part of the city.

A special concentration of exhibitions will be held in the alleyways of Old Jaffa. These will include the Ilana Goor Museum, the Jaffa Flea Market and the Noga complex, as part of a collaboration with Atar, the residency program of the Old Jaffa Museum. In all, eighteen exhibitions will be presented there, including one that will display the best of Illustration Week 2019 in one place, in sixty light boxes, in the open public spaces in the alleyways of Old Jaffa; an exhibition summing up a decade of the work of Dekel Hevroni, presenting the best of his art work for performances by indie bands in Israel and around the world; an exhibition in the Architects House Gallery that will address the urban landscape from the perspective of the Bauhaus; and a joint exhibition of works produced between 2015 and 2019 by contemporary Arab illustrators born in Israel.

AfterSchool, a pop-up school for illustrators that was founded during Illustration Week in 2017, will continue its third year of operation in the Jaffa Museum, with workshops and master classes given by Israel’s top lecturers and illustrators. This year, Afterschool will be hosting representatives from the TONTO collective, one of Austria's leading artists in the field of illustration. Edda Strobl (founding member) and Michael Jordan will give master workshops, meet with local illustrators and tour the exhibitions as part of a collaboration with Austrian Cultural Forum Tel Aviv that serves as a platform for cultural, artistic and scientific exchange between Austria and Israel. Tonto has been publishing since 1994 several tapes, 29 CDRs, about 30 magazines and books and a great number of smaller pieces and took part in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

In addition, guided walking tours of the exhibitions in Jaffa and all over Tel Aviv will be given during Illustration Week. The walking tours (for which payment is required) will be guided by the skilled and professional staff of Talking Art.

The various events, exhibitions, and activities of Illustration Week will be featured on the Illustration Week website, with illustrations by Ori Toor, who created Illustration Week’s logo.


You are invited to visit the website for the full information and latest updates regarding the schedule of events, tours, meetings and workshops (due to changes and additions that are expected to occur in real time).

For full information and updates, please visit the Illustration Week English Website at



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