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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tel-Aviv Museum of Art: Happy 90th Birthday!

Hi there,

In April 2022, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art celebrated its ninetieth anniversary. The museum - the first of the art museums in Israel, founded in 1932 is celebrating its ninetieth year of collecting, preserving, displaying, and researching modern and contemporary art from Israel and the world positioning it as an international museum in the past two decades.

Its 90th year is marked by the museum's collections. These include new exhibitions and initiatives that reveal significant parts of the museum's collections, some of which have never been exhibited, among them the exhibitions: "Material Imagination: Israeli Art from the Museum's Collection", "All Theory is Gray, but the Tree of Life Springs Ever Green", "On the Edge: New in the Contemporary Art Collection" and "A History of Beauty: Helena Rubinstein's Miniature Rooms.

The museum is internationally acclaimed - and with over a million visitors a year, it is one of the hundred museums with the highest number of visitors in the world, for the fourth year in a row.

During the last weekend of 2022, a festival will be held at the museum celebrating the museum's collections, its spaces and exhibitions, its history, and its legacy in the life of the city and the country. During three days, the museum will open its doors to the general public with a wide and diverse range of activities for different ages, from children to adults with lectures, workshops, screenings, tours, and shows.

WHEN: December 29th-31st, 2022

Tel-Aviv Museum of Art: Happy 90th Birthday!
Photo by Ephraim Arda. Opening of an exhibition of donations of works of art from the British Society of Friends, November 1961. On the right, museum director Eugen Kolb, curator Moshe Kaniuk & the British ambassador.


The festival will focus on three main events.

29.12.22 at 19:00 The Evening Gala Première of the Museum's Film Project

As part of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art's 90th-anniversary celebrations, the museum is pleased to announce a collaboration with the new Israel Film and Television Fund to produce a number of short documentaries dealing with the history of the museum.

This is the first time selected parts of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art story will be told. The museum was established in April 1932 in the private home of the then-mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizengoff. 16 years later, one of the key historical moments in the country took place in the same place: the State of Israel declared its independence. To this day, Israel is the only country that has established an art museum. The complicated story of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art includes events within its walls and outside, from the days of the British Mandate in Israel until today. The project will include four short films, between 15 and 30 minutes long, and each of them will portray an aspect of the museum's past, present, or future.


Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Ron Huldai

Tania Coen-Uzzielli, Director of the museum

Dorit Inbar, CEO at the New Foundation for Cinema and Television

The Films

A Story that Begins in Three Rooms / Arnon Goldfinger

The Foyer / Michal Hominer-Hirsch and Roni Katznelson

Nothing but 34 Paintings / Ella Fainaru and Ziv Berkovich

The Plaza in Front of the Museum / Noa Ben-Shalom and Noa Amiel

30.12.22 Pajama Party - Birthday for the Museum - Ticket Sales

In a one-time event, the museum will open its doors for the first time on the night between Friday and Saturday to celebrate its birthday with a particularly young crowd! The unique activity will take place throughout the museum and will include a night tour, special workshops for the 90th birthday celebration, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep in the museum under Roy Lichtenstein's iconic mural!

16:00-18:30 The Museum's Birthday Party for ages 4-6 in collaboration with Digitel

19:30-07:00 The Pajama Party for ages 7-10 - a lantern tour in the museum, special workshops and film screening, dinner and overnight in the galleries, in the morning - a yoga class for the early risers, in collaboration with Digitel

31.12.22 A New Year's Eve Event in Collaboration with Digitel - 1930s Ball - Ticket Sales

On New Year's Eve there will be a ball in the spirit of the thirties - as a tribute to the year the museum was founded (1932), during which there will be swing lessons, live jazz music and other surprises.


Entrance to the museum on Friday-Saturday will be free for everyone.

During the weekend there will be meetings with artists and curators, tours of the museum's exhibitions and buildings, special tours of the museum's collections and archives, and plenty of activities for all ages. In addition, there will be special performances and workshops for children. For the full contents - visit the museum's website.

Shows, workshops, and special activities are open with ticket sales on the museum's website.

Screening times of the documentaries at the Kaufman Hall (free admission based on availability):

Friday 30.12

Each film is preceded by a short introduction by the director

10:30 A Story that Begins in Three Rooms | Director: Arnon Goldfinger

11:30 The Foyer | Directors: Roni Katznelson, Michal Hominer-Hirsch

12:30 Nothing but 34 Paintings | Directors: Ella Fainaru, Ziv Berkovich

13:30 The Plaza in Front of the Museum | Directors: Noa Ben-Shalom, Noa Amiel Lavi

Saturday 31.12

Screening of the four films in sequence with an introduction by Naomi Michaeli

10:00 Four films and a museum: festive screening

13:00 Four films and a museum: a festive screening



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