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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tel-Aviv: 'Museum of Illusions'

Hi there,

The 'Museum of Illusions' began as a unique project of two entrepreneurs from Croatia. Its phenomenal success soon led to its becoming the largest private museum network in the world (currently numbering 36 museums around the world) and it is considered one of the leading and fastest growing attractions in the world.

The visit to the museum is a baffling and amazing Alice in Wonderland experience.

WHEN: Open every day including Saturday and holidays from 09.00-21.00. Fridays and Holiday eves from 09.00-16.00

WHERE: Location: Building 28 at North Tel Aviv Port

Tel-Aviv: 'Museum of Illusions'
Photo credit: Yossi Zwecker

Wherever the Museum of Illusions has been launched, including New York, Chicago, Toronto, Paris, Madrid, Istanbul, Athens, Cairo, Dubai, Shanghai and many other major cities, it quickly became a well-known brand and a leading attraction.

The museum is suitable for everyone! Adults, children, teenagers, soldiers, students and more. Everyone is guaranteed extraordinary pleasure and excitement from the special magic inherent in the optical illusions that make visitors doubt their senses. You will not believe your eyes. It's an extraordinary and exciting experience that combines all the senses.

The constant feeling that accompanies visitors in the various exhibits is a pleasant combination of wonder and confusion from the amazing and deceptive tricks inherent in each exhibit that teach us about vision, perception, the human brain and science so it is easier to understand why our eyes see things that our brain cannot or fails to understand at first glance.

The museum offers visitors dozens of different and varied attractions that activate your mind and stimulate your imagination.

Welcome to the world of illusions! Elevation illusions, inversion illusions, distortion illusions created through mirrors, infinity illusions, optical illusions, holograms, levitation illusions that simulate a lack of gravity, a kaleidoscope, accessories that have a certain "twist" and more.

Every exhibit produces a different type of illusion. The result is impressive and trains the brain. Not for nothing do experts call the visit a "brain fitness class".


Tickets are sold online

Price: 99 NIS for children aged 4 and up. A family card for a family of 4 costs 285 NIS. Discounts are available through your credit cards.

Phone: 03-5664433.



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